Source: Fundamentals Of Endoscopic Surgery

Fundamentals of Endoscopic Surgery Toward Assuring Competency

Fundamentals of Endoscopic Surgery Toward Assuring Competency Jeffrey Marks, MD disclosures–1:00 fundamentals of FES–1:23 flex endo experience–2:06 premise for FEC & FES–2:38 FES defined–3:38 FEC defined–5:28 demonstrating competency in flex endo–7:41 methods for assessment–9:00 limitations in creation of FES–10:59 FES competency–12:25 cognitive milestones–13:20 GAGES limitations–14:43 FES: Toward ensuring competency–16:01 Q&A session–18:45 Keyword(s): ABS, ASCRS, ASGE, […]

VR in Fundamentals of Endoscopic Surgery

Presented by Brian Dunkin, MD at the SAGES 2014 Meeting; Panel – Emerging Frontiers in Simulation-Based Surgical Education overview–30 sec history of FES–2:09 deconstruct flexible endoscopy–5:05 VR simulator–5:54 elements re-created in VR–7:30 metrics–7:50 testing–8:42 demographics with citation–9:10 http:/ Keyword(s): a priori, AASLD, ABS, ABS flexible endoscopy curriculum for general surgery residents, ACG, AGA, ASCRS, ASGE, […]

PG Course: Fundamentals of Endoscopic Surgery (FES) – Panel discussion

FES Panel Keyword(s): curriculum, endoscopy, ERCP, flex endo, FLS, resident training, skills assessment, UGI bleeding, VR simulator

PG Course: Fundamentals of Endoscopic Surgery (FES) – Hands-on Modules

Jeffrey Marks, MD disclosures–1:25 validated hands-on testing tool–1:36 independent skills test–2:26 FES task 1(navigation)–3:08 FES task 2 (loop reduction)–6:07 FES task 3 (retroflexion)–10:15 FES task 4-( Keyword(s): ABS, colonoscopy, endoscopy, FES, FLS, haptics, loop reduction, proctor, retroflexion, Simbionix GI Mentor II, simulation, simulator, skills test, validated hands-on testing tool, VR

PG Course: Fundamentals of Endoscopic Surgery (FES) – Putting it all Together

John Mellinger, MD andragogy principles–27sec implications–1:55 skill acquisition–5:26 use of technology–11:16 Keyword(s): CME, computer-assisted learning, cross training, EMR, endoscopic skills, endoscopy, FES, FLS, GAGES, GME, innovation, minimal access surgery, precepting, program director, residency program, resident education, SSAT, surgical educator, surgical technical skills, surgical trainee, surgical training, technology

PG Course: Fundamentals of Endoscopic Surgery (FES) – Validating the Tool

Brian Dunkin, MD overview–1:26 hx of FES–2:22 what is FES?–3:36 GI Mentor II–9:16 Keyword(s): FES, flex endo, GAGES, gastroenterology fellow, GI Mentor II, industry partners, Symbionix, VR simulator, web-based didactic program

PG Course: Fundamentals of Endoscopic Surgery (FES) – Lessons from FLS

Lelan Sillin, MD FLS hx–1:35 lessons from FLS–11:14 logistics–11:41 test development–12:43 test admin–14:52 test security & maintenance–15:40 economics/business–17:35 politics–20:38 Keyword(s): ABS, ACS, CME, Covidien, credentialing, FES, FLS, GME, industry, MISTELS, proctoring, SAGES foundation, Storz, VR

PG Course: Fundamentals of Endoscopic Surgery (FES) – Transference of Skill

Melina Vassiliou, MD disclosures–1:24 overview–1:34 body of evidence to support simulation–2:08 making the “link” is hard to do–2:54 Keyword(s): bedside training, colonoscopy, GAGES, GI Mentor II, PRT, sigmoidoscopy, simulation training, simulator, skills transfer, TASSL, transferability, upper endoscopy, VR

PG Course: Fundamentals of Endoscopic Surgery (FES) – Simulation and Skill Acquisition

Matt Ritter, MD disclosure–49 sec objectives–1:06 simulation for training–1:45 use of attention resources–2:47 proficiency based training–6:56 FLS skills training curriculum–8:39 citation–12:50 http://ww Keyword(s): FES, FLS, Henry M Jackson Foundation, master surgeon, novice surgeon, proficiency-based learning, simulation lab, skills acquisition

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