A New Partnership between AWS and SAGES

A new member partnership has been formed with AWS to improve inclusion and diversity within the surgical community.

The key component of the partnership will provide an incentive for practicing surgeons who are members of AWS or SAGES to join the other society with a 30% discount on 2018 membership dues.

Additionally, the new members who register for the other association’s Annual Meeting will be given another 30% discount on 2019 membership dues.

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Join SAGES now and enjoy the following benefits:

  • At least 30 hours of Category 1 CME Credit including self assessment CME credits for MOC available annually
  • Substantial discount for registration to SAGES Annual Meeting*
  • Cutting-edge education and professional development
  • A network of 6000 colleagues and surgical endoscopic experts
  • State of the art surgical technology and techniques
  • Subscription to “Surgical Endoscopy”
  • Member-only research grants and career development awards
  • Leadership opportunities through 37 committees and taskforces…

And so much more! If you have any questions about membership in SAGES or which category you should apply to, please contact the Membership Department or call (310) 437-0544 x 110.

*If you have already registered for the SAGES meeting, you must complete your membership application process no later than March 1 of the meeting year to qualify for any refund of your meeting registration fees.

Below is a description of the categories of membership available.

Active Membership

Active Membership is appropriate for the Board Certified surgeon practicing within the United States, Canada or Puerto Rico.


International Membership

International membership is available to surgeons who reside in a country other than the U.S.A., Canada or Puerto Rico, or surgeons practicing in the U.S.A. who do not meet qualifications for Active Membership.

Surgeons in developing countries may qualify for a lower annual dues rate.


Candidate Membership

Candidate Membership is appropriate for

  • A resident or fellow enrolled in an accredited program of surgical education or research.
  • A surgeon who has completed an accredited surgical education program and is awaiting Board certification.


Allied Health Membership

Allied Health Professional membership is appropriate for eligible nurses, surgical technicians, physician assistants, endoscopy technicians, and other interested allied health personnel.


Associate Membership

Associate Active membership is appropriate for those with documented experience in minimal access surgery (e.g. endoscopy, laparoscopy, thoracoscopy, robotics) in a surgical field other than gastrointestinal surgery, or documented recognition and expertise in advanced therapeutic gastroenterologic endoscopy, by an applicant dedicated to the goals and objectives of the SAGES.


Medical Student Membership

Medical Student membership is appropriate for currently enrolled medical students in an accredited medical school acceptable to SAGES.

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Other Categories of Membership

Senior Membership

Senior membership status may be elected by application to the Executive Director and approval of the Board following the Member’s 65th birthday or upon retirement from active practice after the age of 60 and after three or more years as an Active Member. Senior Members may vote but may hold office only by completing the term of office held prior to the request for senior status. Senior Members do not receive a complimentary copy of the official Journal.

Honorary Membership

The Board of the Society is authorized to confer honorary membership. Honorary membership will be reserved for those who made significant contributions to clinical or academic surgery and academic medicine but need not be in active surgical practice. Honorary Members shall have no voting privileges nor be eligible for election to office or appointment to the Board. They may, however, be appointed to committees ex officio.


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