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Don’t Fix It If It Isn’t Broken: A Survey of Preparedness for Practice among Graduates of Fellowship Council Accredited Fellowships

Presented by Yusuke Watanabe at the SS27: Plenary 2 Session during the SAGES 2016 Annual Meeting.

V030 Laparoscopic Foreign Body Removal: A Case on Clinical Decision Making

V030 LAPAROSCOPIC FOREIGN BODY REMOVAL: A CASE ON CLINICAL DECISION MAKING Maria Abou Khalil, MD Noura Al Hassan, MD, Melina Vassiliou, MD, MEd, FRCSC; McGill case presentation–9 sec abdominal CT–29 sec procedural video–1:33 post-op course–4:23 Keyword(s): abdominal CT, cholelithiasis, clinical decision making, foreign body removal, gastroscopy, GB, JP drain, microperforation, phlegmon, split leg position

Validity Evidence for Novel Advanced Laparoscopic Suturing Tasks

VALIDITY EVIDENCE FOR NOVEL ADVANCED LAPAROSCOPIC SUTURING TASKS Yusuke Watanabe, MD Katherine M McKendy, MD, Elif Bilgic, Ghada Enani, MBBS, Amin Madani, MD, Amani Munshi, MD, Liane S Feldman, MD, Gerald M Fried, MD, Melina C Vassiliou, MD disclosure–22 sec lap suturing–25 sec objective–1:23 advanced models–2:10 methods–3:12 conclusion–5:58 Q&A session–6:43 Keyword(s): lap suturing taks, MIS

Raising the Quality of Hernia Care Is There a Need?

RAISING THE QUALITY OF HERNIA CARE IS THERE A NEED? Adrian Park, MD Hamid R Zahiri, DO, Carla Pugh, MD, Melina Vassiliou, MD, Guy R Voeller, MD background–37 sec objective–1:40 methods–2:00 results–2:14 conclusion–4:35 Q&A session–5:44 Keyword(s): ACS, hernia care, HTF, incisional hernia, inguinal hernia repair, VHR

The Surgeon and the Scope: Tales from the Early Days Tales from the Early Days of Laparoscopy at McGill

Documentary on the early days of laparoscopy at McGill University presented by Katherine M McKendy, at the SAGES 2014 Meeting; Panel – Concurrent Session SS14 V033 Katherine M McKendy, MD, Yusuke Watanabe, MD, Ekaterina Lebedeva, MLIS, Liane S Feldman, MD, Gerald M Fried, MD, Melina C Vassiliou, MD, MED; McGill University Health Centre, Jewish General […]

Applying for Grants and The Grant Review Process

Presented by Melina Vassiliou, MD at the SAGES 2014 Meeting; Panel – Career Development Symposium why do you get a grant?–39 sec overview–1:09 give the reviewers what they need–3:03 ask yourself–4:13 is your research question important?–5:30 check all the boxes–6:24 tips & tricks– Keyword(s): acronym, agency, assistant professor of surgery, background section, budgetary items, Career […]

SAGES 2014 Presidential Address

Presented by Gerald Fried, MD, FACS at the SAGES 2014 Annual Meeting. The lecture will address the role of specialty societies and the value to those at various stages of their careers Dr. Gerald Fried is the Edward W. Archibald Professor and Chairman of the Department of Surgery at McGill University, and Surgeon-in-Chief and Director of the […]

Simulation – The Next Generation: Discussion

Presented by Allan Okrainec, MD and Meilna Vassiliou, MD at the SAGES 2013 Annual Meeting; Simulation – The Next Generation Keyword(s): colonoscopy, credentialing, dictate, flex endo, FLS, gaming, immediate feedback, infrastructural costs, LC, metrics & measures, motion analysis, MR, op note, proficiency, robot, sim, sim lab, trainee

Laparoscopic Repair Of A Left Paraduodenal Hernia

Ioana Antonescu, MD, Amy Neville, MD, FRCSC, Melina C Vassiliou, MD, MED, FRCSC, Liane S Feldman, MD, FRCSC, FACS video is non-existant

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