The Brandeis Award

Total of 2 Scholarships – One is generously funded by the SAGES Education and Research Foundation

  • Applications are open to any active SAGES member currently serving on any SAGES committee.
  • The purpose of this scholarship is to promote individuals as leaders in medicine.  The Brandeis course trains clinical leaders in healthcare policy and management, and provides healthcare professionals with the skills essential to creating innovative and sustainable solutions to improve the quality, cost-effectiveness and efficiency of healthcare service delivery.
  • The $8,000 award covers course tuition, travel, hotel, and meals.
  • The Applicant must submit the following:
    • One-page essay on why you want to attend the course
    • Current abbreviated CV
  • Recipient(s) must be available to attend that year’s course (usually in June) and will submit a brief written report of their experience to be published in SCOPE.
  • Recipient will be recommended for automatic assignment to the Legislative Committee with an expectation of active participation.
  • Past winners include:
      Michael Edye, MD & Vic Velanovich, MD (2010); Ketan Sheth, MD & Robert Fanelli, MD (2011); Jeff Hazey, MD & Rajesh Aggarwal, MD (2012); Don Selzer, MD & J. Scott Roth, MD (2013); Ross Goldberg, MD & Jon Gould, MD (2014); Brian Dunkin, MD; Anne Lidor, MD (2015); Ann Rogers, MD & Pascal Fuchshuber, MD (2016); Dean Mikami, MD & Eric Weiss, MD (2017); Shanu Kothari, MD & Kyle Perry, MD (2018)

Application Form

The applicant must be a SAGES Active member currently serving on one of the SAGES committee. The deadline to submit for 2019 is September 21, 2018.

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