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FUSE: Closing a gap in surgical education

Presented by Amin Madani at the Session: OR Team – Only Teams Can Prevent OR Fires at the SAGES 2016 Annual Meeting on 3/19/2016 Keyword(s): ablation, acute care, adverse events, anesthesiologists, Bovie, cardiac surgery, cecum, coag, complications, curriculum, cut, dispersive electrode, dissection, education, electrosurgery injury, electrosurgical burns, energy devices, expert, fire, funding, FUSE, gallbladder, grounding […]

Don’t Fix It If It Isn’t Broken: A Survey of Preparedness for Practice among Graduates of Fellowship Council Accredited Fellowships

Presented by Yusuke Watanabe at the SS27: Plenary 2 Session during the SAGES 2016 Annual Meeting.

Monopolar Devices (Including Argon Beam And Saline-Enhanced)

Presented by Amin Madani at the PG Course: Fundamental Use of Surgical Energy (FUSE) – Preparation and Refresher Course during the SAGES 2016 Annual Meeting.

V044 Laparoscopic and Endoscopic Cooperative Surgery for Intraluminal Gastric Submucosal Tumor

V044 LAPAROSCOPIC AND ENDOSCOPIC COOPERATIVE SURGERY FOR INTRALUMINAL GASTRIC SUBMUCOSAL TUMOR Tomoko Mizota, MD Yusuke Watanabe, MD, Yo Kurashima, MD, PhD, Yuma Ebihara, MD, PhD, Saseem Paudel, MD, Amin Madani, MD, Katherine Mckendy, MD, Toshiaki Shichinohe, MD, PhD, Shuji Kitashiro, MD, PhD, Shunichi Okushiba, MD, PhD, Satoshi Hirano, MD, PhD; Department of Gastroenterological Surgery, Hokkaido […]

Validity Evidence for Novel Advanced Laparoscopic Suturing Tasks

VALIDITY EVIDENCE FOR NOVEL ADVANCED LAPAROSCOPIC SUTURING TASKS Yusuke Watanabe, MD Katherine M McKendy, MD, Elif Bilgic, Ghada Enani, MBBS, Amin Madani, MD, Amani Munshi, MD, Liane S Feldman, MD, Gerald M Fried, MD, Melina C Vassiliou, MD disclosure–22 sec lap suturing–25 sec objective–1:23 advanced models–2:10 methods–3:12 conclusion–5:58 Q&A session–6:43 Keyword(s): lap suturing taks, MIS

Surgeons Have Knowledge Gaps in the Safe Use of Energy Devices a Multicenter Cross-sectional Study

SURGEONS HAVE KNOWLEDGE GAPS IN THE SAFE USE OF ENERGY DEVICES A MULTICENTER CROSS-SECTIONAL STUDY Yusuke Watanabe, MD Yo Kurashima, MD, Amin Madani, MD, Liane S Feldman, MD, Minoru Ishida, CCE, Akihiko Oshita, MD, Takeshi Naitoh, MD, Kazuhiro Noma, MD, Keigo Yasumasa, MD, Hiroshi Nagata, MD, Fumitaka Nakamura, MD, Koichi Ono, MD, Yoshinori Suzuki, MD, […]

Fundamental Use of Surgical Energy (fuse) Certification Validation and Predictors of Success

FUNDAMENTAL USE OF SURGICAL ENERGY (FUSE) CERTIFICATION VALIDATION AND PREDICTORS OF SUCCESS Thomas N Robinson J Olasky, P Young, L S Feldman, P R Fuchshuber, S B Jones, A Madani, Michael Brunt, D Mikami, G P Jackson, J Mischna, S Schwaitzberg, Daniel B Jones intro–53 sec purpose–1:49 methods–2:09 results–3:11 conclusion–6:17 Q&A session–6:47 Keyword(s): certification validation, […]

The SAGES Fundamental Use of Surgical Energy (FUSE) Program

Presented by Amin Madani, MD at the SAGES 2014 Meeting; Panel – FUSE, Fire and Fiasco – OR Safety 101 why FUSE?–2:09 energy device complications with citations–4:14 Keyword(s): ablation, accidentally set fire, accrediting bodies, AICD, anesthetist, AORN, assemble, assessed baseline knowledge, assessment component, baseline knowledge, basic training, bench-top simulation, best practice guidelines, beta testing, […]

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