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SAGES Presents Fundamental Use of Surgical Energy Webinar

Fundamental Use of Surgical Energy Webinar

This webinar was streamed live on September 12, 2016 and is part of the free SAGES Resident Education Webinar series. 00:00 Pascal Fuchshuber, MD, PhD — Welcome and Introduction 10:22 Amin Madani, MD, PhD — Fundamentals of Electrosurgery 37:07 Pascal Fuchshuber, MD, PhD — Fire in the OR 1:05:22 Dean Mikami, MD — Monopolar and […]

Ultrasonic Energy Systems

Presented by Thomas N Robinson at the PG Course: Fundamental Use of Surgical Energy (FUSE) – Preparation and Refresher Course during the SAGES 2016 Annual Meeting.

Unintended Stray Energy from the Monopolar Instrument: Beware of the Dispersive Electrode Cord

UNINTENDED STRAY ENERGY FROM THE MONOPOLAR INSTRUMENT BEWARE OF THE DISPERSIVE ELECTRODE CORD Nicole T Townsend, MD Nicole Nadlonek, MD1, Edward L Jones, MD, MPH2, Gregory V Stiegmann, MD1, Thomas N Robinson, MD1; 1University of Colorado, 2Ohio State University antenna coupling–39 sec hypothesis–1:36 methods–2:00 results–2:11 low risk lap set-up–3:50 what you can do–4:14 Q&A session–4:40 […]

Fundamental Use of Surgical Energy (fuse) Certification Validation and Predictors of Success

FUNDAMENTAL USE OF SURGICAL ENERGY (FUSE) CERTIFICATION VALIDATION AND PREDICTORS OF SUCCESS Thomas N Robinson J Olasky, P Young, L S Feldman, P R Fuchshuber, S B Jones, A Madani, Michael Brunt, D Mikami, G P Jackson, J Mischna, S Schwaitzberg, Daniel B Jones intro–53 sec purpose–1:49 methods–2:09 results–3:11 conclusion–6:17 Q&A session–6:47 Keyword(s): certification validation, […]

SAGES Magical Mystery Tour

SAGES 2014-2015 President, L. Michael Brunt, MD gives the Presidential Address at the SAGES 2015 Annual Meeting in Nashville, TN Points of interest: Dr. Brunt begins his lecture–4:40 Acknowledgements–8:15 1989 SAGES board–9:35 Train the Trainer courses–11:16 sentinel evenT in the life of SAGES–14:11 another sentinel Keyword(s): 10,000 hour rule, 6 step program, aberrant anatomy, abstract, […]

PG Fundamental Use of Surgical Energy (FUSE): Energy-based devices – What is the Evidence

Thomas Robinson, MD disclosure–40 sec ultrasonic instruments vs bipolar sealing devices–49 sec citations–1:06 Keyword(s): bipolar, bipolar sealing devices, burst pressure, cautery, EBM, electrocoagulation, energy devices, energy spread, FUSE, Harmonic scalpel, hemostasis, Ligasure, monopolar, plume, residual heat, technology, thermal damage, thermal energy, titanium clips, Ultracision, ultrasonic energy, ultrasonic shears, vascular clips, vessel sealing systems


Surgery,Sleeve Gastrectomy, Bariatric, Bariatric Surgery, Hernia Repair, Surgeon, Ergonomics, LAPAROSCOPIC, Robotic Surgery, ADJUSTABLE GASTRIC BAND, GASTRECTOMY FOR MORBID OBESITY, PG, Flexible Endoscopy, SAGES 2011 residual heat–36 sec aim–1:08 method–1:25 conclusion–4:42 Q&A session–5:11 Keyword(s): active electrode, argon beam coagulator, bipolar electrosurgery, laparoscopic energy devices, monopolar electrosurgery, residual heat, thermal spread, ultrasonic energy device

Laparoscopic Pancreatic Cystgastrostomy

Author: Lawrence W. Way, MD Keyword(s): gallstone pancreatitis, gastric obstruction, pancreatic cystgastrostomy, pancreatic pseudocyst

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