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Fundamentals of Endoscopic Surgery: Passing the Exam

Chair:  Brian R. Davis, MD Associate Professor of Surgery, Residency Program Director University Medical Center of El Paso Faculty:  Brian J. Dunkin, MD; Jeffrey Marks, MD; E. Matthew Ritter, MD; and Thadeus L Keyword(s): 3D, AASLD, ABS flex endo curriculum, accreditation, Accutouch, ACG, achalasia, advanced laparoscopy, AGA, APDS curriculum, ASCRS, ASGE, ASMBS, band erosion, Barrx, […]

The Use of Laparoscopy in Trauma

The Use of Laparoscopy in Trauma LTC E. Matthew Ritter, MD disclosures–1:20 overview–1:30 military med 101–1:54 laparoscopy for trauma–5:04 representative experience–7:57 cases–8:57 conclusion–14:46 Keyword(s): acute care surgery, gas embolism, GSW, ICP, IED, Ladds procedure, laparoscopy, midgut volvulus, rectal exam, splenectomy, trauma

PG Course: Fundamentals of Endoscopic Surgery (FES) – Simulation and Skill Acquisition

Matt Ritter, MD disclosure–49 sec objectives–1:06 simulation for training–1:45 use of attention resources–2:47 proficiency based training–6:56 FLS skills training curriculum–8:39 citation–12:50 http://ww Keyword(s): FES, FLS, Henry M Jackson Foundation, master surgeon, novice surgeon, proficiency-based learning, simulation lab, skills acquisition

Incorporating FLS and FES into your Residency Panel: Establishing Training Objectives

E. Matthew Ritter, M.D. disclosure–1:14 overview–1:18 skills training curriculum–1:43 proficiency based training–6:45 skill limited training–8:20 citation–13:35 citatio Keyword(s): ASE, FLS, peg transfer, proficiency based training, psychomotor skills, simulation, skill limited training, skills training

Intraoperative Considerations: E. Matthew Ritter, M.D.

Fundamentals of Laparoscopic Surgery Hands-on Course Keyword(s): ABS, competency measurement, credentialing, didactic sessions, FLS, general surgery, GYN, interns, laparoscopy, peds, PGY4, PGY5, proctor, program directors, resident training, risk management, U.S. Department of Defense

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