Video Institution: Walter Reed National Military Medical Center--Bethesda MD

Laparoscopic Gastric Duplication Cyst Excision during Sleeve Gastrectomy

Presented by Zachary A Taylor at the SS07: MIS mixed bag Session during the SAGES 2016 Annual Meeting.

Fundamentals of Endoscopic Surgery: Passing the Exam

Chair:  Brian R. Davis, MD Associate Professor of Surgery, Residency Program Director University Medical Center of El Paso Faculty:  Brian J. Dunkin, MD; Jeffrey Marks, MD; E. Matthew Ritter, MD; and Thadeus L Keyword(s): 3D, AASLD, ABS flex endo curriculum, accreditation, Accutouch, ACG, achalasia, advanced laparoscopy, AGA, APDS curriculum, ASCRS, ASGE, ASMBS, band erosion, Barrx, […]

The Use of Laparoscopy in Trauma

The Use of Laparoscopy in Trauma LTC E. Matthew Ritter, MD disclosures–1:20 overview–1:30 military med 101–1:54 laparoscopy for trauma–5:04 representative experience–7:57 cases–8:57 conclusion–14:46 Keyword(s): acute care surgery, gas embolism, GSW, ICP, IED, Ladds procedure, laparoscopy, midgut volvulus, rectal exam, splenectomy, trauma

PG Course: Fundamentals of Endoscopic Surgery (FES) – Simulation and Skill Acquisition

Matt Ritter, MD disclosure–49 sec objectives–1:06 simulation for training–1:45 use of attention resources–2:47 proficiency based training–6:56 FLS skills training curriculum–8:39 citation–12:50 http://ww Keyword(s): FES, FLS, Henry M Jackson Foundation, master surgeon, novice surgeon, proficiency-based learning, simulation lab, skills acquisition

Incorporating FLS and FES into your Residency Panel: Establishing Training Objectives

E. Matthew Ritter, M.D. disclosure–1:14 overview–1:18 skills training curriculum–1:43 proficiency based training–6:45 skill limited training–8:20 citation–13:35 citatio Keyword(s): ASE, FLS, peg transfer, proficiency based training, psychomotor skills, simulation, skill limited training, skills training

Military Session: Update on Surgery in the Combat Environment – Carla Hawley-Bowland

Carla Hawley-Bowland, M.D. background–2:21 clinical competency–2:34 problems–4:13 training objectives–7:24 gaps–8:02 future solutions–9:26 simulation centers–10:40 redeployment training–11:50 battlefield surviva Keyword(s): 3D application center, ABX therapy, academics, ACGME, AFORGEN, amputee, army medicine, athletes, battlefield survival, burr holes, CAREN, CCC, central wounds, clinical competency, clinical skills, cognitive skills, combat casualty care, craniofacial reconstruction, credentialing, deployment, dermatology, ENT, gait […]

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