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Evolving Responsibility for SAGES – TAVAC

Presented by Dmitry Oleynikov, MD at the SAGES 2014 Meeting; Symposium: Ethics of Innovation committee charge–1:47 recent activity–5:34 conclusion–8:50 Keyword(s): 3D technology, bill, clinical data, collect for services provided, conflict of interest, cost reduction, Covidien radial reload, DaVinci surgical system, device, disclosure, dissemination of knowledge, efficacy, emerging technology, equipment, ethics, evaluation, evidence-based, experts, fascial closure […]

Hypoglycemia | Nutritional Metabolic Complications That I Need to Manage

Presented by Shawn T. Tsuda, MD | SAGES 2013 Bariatric Postgraduate Course: What Every Safe Surgeon Needs to Know About Bariatric Surgery definition–9 sec incidence–1:02 beta cell hyperfunction–1:29 familial hyperinsulinism–2:25 role of glucagon-like peptide 1–2:55 Keyword(s): Acarbose, AGB, bariatric surgery, BeneCalorie, beta cell hyperfunction, bypass reversal, C-peptide, Ca injection, capillary glucose monitoring, chromogranin […]


Presented by Samaan Sattarzadeh laparoscopy challenges–52 sec background–1:30 aim–2:09 method–2:17 conclusion–4:49 acknowledgements–5:11 Keyword(s): FLS, GBP, hernia repair, laparoscopy, peg transfer, RCT, reverse camera view, spatial orientation drills, surgical skills assessment, tactile feedback

Basic Laparoscopic Procedures: Shawn T. Tsuda, M.D.

Fundamentals of Laparoscopic Surgery Hands-on Course current lap procedures–34 sec dx lap–1:29 bx–6:09 hemostasis–7:42 lap suturing–8:36 intracorporeal knot tying–9:47 hemorrhage–11:07 Keyword(s): acute ABD, appy, argon beam coagulator, atraumatic instruments, Carcinomatosis peritonii, CCX, dermoid cyst, dx lap, EndoLoop, EndoStitch, energy sources, excisional bx, fibrin sealant, FLS, FNA, footboard, gangrenous appendicitis, general surgery, groin hernia, GYN, hemangiomas, […]

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