Video Author: Hutter M

Ethics and Professionalism: Keys to success or necessary evils?

Presented by Matthew M Hutter at the Panel: Tools for the Surgical Educator “Coaching the Teachers” during the SAGES 2016 Annual Meeting.

Society Driven Development of Quality Metrics

Presented by Matthew M Hutter at the Panel: Quality of Surgery: How will you be Rated? Why you should Care? during the SAGES 2016 Annual Meeting.

Evolving Responsibility for SAGES – TAVAC

Presented by Dmitry Oleynikov, MD at the SAGES 2014 Meeting; Symposium: Ethics of Innovation committee charge–1:47 recent activity–5:34 conclusion–8:50 Keyword(s): 3D technology, bill, clinical data, collect for services provided, conflict of interest, cost reduction, Covidien radial reload, DaVinci surgical system, device, disclosure, dissemination of knowledge, efficacy, emerging technology, equipment, ethics, evaluation, evidence-based, experts, fascial closure […]

SAGES Response to Healthcare Reform: Q and A Panel

Panel: Eli Lerner, Md; Matthew Hutter, Md; Frank Opelka, MD; Peter Carmel, MD; L.D. Britt, MD Keyword(s): AMA, ambulatory care, CMS, defensive medicine, EHR, healthcare, healthcare reform, healthy living, MGMA, NSQIP, performance measures, private practice, tort reform

SAGES Response to Healthcare Reform: Quality Issues and the ACOs

Introduction: Eli Lerner, MD; Presenter: Frank Opelka, MD disclosures–5:40 payment reform–6:35 QI–7:00 performance measurement–8:00 high value healthcare–8:31 ACS registries focused on outcome–10:57 bundling–14:19 foundation for improvement–16 Keyword(s): ACO, ACS, bundling, CMS, CoC, healthcare, IHI, meaningful use, Medicare, National Priorities Partnership, NSQIP, NTDB, pay for performance, payment reform, performance measurement, PPACA, private insurance, QI, Romney care, […]

S095: Timothy D Jackson, MD

Resident and Fellows Scientific Session Keyword(s): ACS, colectomy, general surgery, IHR, lap Nissen fundoplication, lap surgery, LC, LRYGB, NSQIP, operative time

Banding a Failed Gastric Bypass (Fixed and Adjustable): Matthew Hutter, M.D.

Bariatric PG: New Tech/Revisions/Endolumenal/Single Port Access Surgery overview–14 sec risks & benefits–2:18 surgical techniques–5:20 Keyword(s): AGB, BPD, EWL, failed GBP, gastric banding, GJ, LapBand VG, LRYGB, Marlex mesh, pars flaccida technique, revisional bariatric procedure, revisional procedures, salvage procedure, super obese, weight gain, weight loss

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