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The Wimat Colonoscopy Suitcase: A Novel Polypectomy Trainer

Presented by James Ansell, MD introduction–14 sec simulator capabilities–34 sec the simulator–44 sec pedunculated polypectomy–2:45 sessile polypectomy–3:38 summary–5:08 Keyword(s): animal models, anus, bleeding, cadaveric models, cannulated, colonic polypectomy, cost effective, diathermy, disposable snare, endoscopic clip, ex-vivo animal simulation, hemostasis, mucosa, novel, novel approach, pedunculated snare polypectomy, polyp base, polypectomy trainer, porcine bowel, porcine ureter, saline […]

Laparoscopic Revision of Revision of Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass

Presented by Abraham Fridman, DO HPI–12 sec preop workup–18 sec operative findings–21 sec procedural video–29 sec Keyword(s): Blake drain, EGD, endoscopy, gastric artery, gastric pouch, gastric remnant, gastro-gastric fistula, gastrojejunal anastomosis resection, gastrojejunostomy, gastrotomy, GEJ, hernia defect, hiatal hernia, jejunotomy, lap revision, LRYGB, marginal ulcer, methylene blue, pouch resection, Quill suture, reflux, remnant gastrectomy, strictures, […]

The Glove TEM port – the poor mans TEM

Presented by Roel Hompes MD Keyword(s): Alexis wound protector, anal block, anal canal, anal verge, diathermy, endoscopy, lithotomy, rectal cx, single port access system, stay sutures, TEM, US

Laparoscopic Transabdominal Hernioplasty

Presented by Juan D. Hernandez, MD CT–44 sec Keyword(s): bowel obstruction, CT, Grynfelt-Lesshaft triangle, hernia defect, lap transabdominal hernioplasty, laparoscopy, lumbar hernia, mesh

Laparoscopic Lavage for Acute Perforated Diverrticulitis

Presented by Nieti J, Martinez T, Haas EM diverticulitis overview–9 sec case presentati Keyword(s): ABXs, acute perforated diverticulitis, Archives of Surgery, ASCRS, Blake drain, colonic perf, CT scan, DCR, DI, diverticular emergencies, fecal peritonitis, free fluid, Hinchey classification, HP, inclusion criteria, lavage, loculation, LPL, medical management, minimally invasive approach, nonoperative management, operative management, […]

Laparoscopic pancreas-preserving resection for adenocarcinoma

Presented by V. Fiscon, MD Keyword(s): adenocarcinoma, CCX, cholecystitis, CT, duodenum, EGD, gastrograph, HGD, methylene blue, minimally invasive approach, pancreas-preserving resection, papilla, polypoid mass, segmental resection, soft diet, UGIB, villous adenoma

An Unusual Cecal Mass

Presented by Neville A. Vaillancourt M. case presentation–8 sec colonoscopy–25 sec CT–30 sec management–40 sec procedural video–1:02 trocar placement–1:06 follow up–3:35 Keyword(s): appendectomy, appendiceal mucocele, appendiceal stump, appendix, cecal mass, cecum, colonoscopy, CT scan, exploratory laparoscopy, foreign body, inguinal hernia repair, McGill Laparoscopy, mesh plug, trocar placement

Minimally-invasive components separation without the need for laparoscopy

Presented by Jonathan Carter, MD Keyword(s): anterior rectus sheath, aponeurosis, components separation, dead space, drains, enterotomy, external oblique, fascial defect, fenestration, hernia sac, incisional hernia repair, laparoscopy, linea alba, lipocutaneous flap, minimally invasive, morbid obesity, perforators, polypropolene mesh, renal vein retractor, serosal injury, skin flap necrosis, synthetic mesh, tunnel

Single-incision laparoscopic right colectomy with D3 dissection

Presented by Masanori Kotake intro–15 sec aim of study–1:04 indication for SILC–1:27 Hakko–1:41 case presentation–1:59 advantages–5:27 results–6:53 conclusion–7:23 Keyword(s): colon cx, counter traction, D3 LND, extracorporeal anastomosis, EZ Access, Hakko, ileocolic vessels, ileus, lap protector, minimally invasive colorectal surgery, NOTES, Richard curved resuable instruments, SILC, SILS, Trendelenburg, Wolf curved reusable instruments

Laparoscopic Repair of a Large Pericardial Hernia

Presented by Chan W. Park, MD and Aurora D. Pryor, MD case history–11 sec port placement–39 sec postop course–5:25 conclusion–6:11 Keyword(s): atelectasis, barium swallow, diaphragmatic hernia, dysphagia, European Heart Journal, GERD, Gortex mesh, hernia defect, herniation, Journal of Thoracic & Cardiovascular Surgery, lap repair, paracardial hernia, pericardial rupture, pericardial window, port placement, pulmonary […]

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