SAGES Video Atlas of Endoscopy

The SAGES Video Atlas of Endoscopy has been created to assist surgical endoscopists to recognize benign and malignant pathology of the GI tract. The videos are not procedural, but intended to fill any knowledge gaps when viewing normal and abnormal pathology. There are six categories of videos: 1. Airway. 2. Colon. 3. Duodenum. 4. Esophagus. 5. Small Bowel. 6. Stomach. Comments are encouraged and welcomed.

Watch videos:

SAGES Flexible Endoscopy Leadership

Chair: Brian J. Dunkin, MD
Co-Chair: Ted Trus, MD

Video Atlas Task Force

Jose Martinez, MD
Raquel S. Bueno, MD
James Ellsemere, MD
Saniea Majid, MD
John Marks, MD
Brent W. Miedema, MD
Faris Murad, MD
Eric Pauli, MD
Melissa S. Philips, MD
Kinga A. Powers, MD
Bryan Sandler, MD
Naizy Salim, MD
Lee E. Smith, MD
Andrew S. Wright, MD

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