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Laparoscopic Intra-Peritoneal Mesh Repair Combined With Clean Contaminated Surgeries- Feasibility An

S101 – C Palanivelu, MS, FACS, P Praveen Raj, MS, P Senthilnathan, MS, R Parthasarathi, MS, M K Ganesh citation–34 sec lap IPOM-1:17 options Keyword(s): 10mm epigastric port, 5mm working ports, acute cholangitis, American Surgeon, ASA class III, aspiration, bariatric surgery, biological mesh, bowel spillage, clean contaminated procedures, clean-contaminted wounds, composite mesh, […]

Trans-Vaginal Organ Extraction: Potential For Broad Clinical Application

S104 – Juan S Barajas-Gamboa, MD, Alisa M Coker, MD, Joslin Cheverie, MD, C. Aitor Macias, MD, MPH, Bryan J Sandler, MD, FACS, Garth R Jacobsen, MD, FACS, Mark A Talamini, MD, FACS, Santiago Horgan, MD, FACS disclosures–16 sec introduction–21 sec objectives–42 sec methods–57 sec inclusion criteria–1:06 exclusion criteria–1:21 outcome measures–1:36 transvaginal access video–2:01 organ […]

Disease-Based Mortality After Percutaneous Endoscopic Gastrostomy: Utility Of The Enterprise Data W

S105 – Benjamin K Poulose, MD, MPH, Joan Kaiser, RN, MS, William C Beck, MD, Pearlie Jackson, PhD, William H Nealon, MD, Kenneth W Sharp, MD, Michael D Holzman, MD, MPH PEG overview–22 sec aim of study–47 sec methods–1:12 VPOD–1:42 disease specific dataset–2:39 methods–2:54 results–3:30 conclusion–5:23 Q&A session–5:52 Keyword(s): adminstrative data, aspiration pneumonia, billing subsystem, […]

Preliminary Data On Anti-Scarring Agents In The Prevention Of Post Esophageal Endoscopic Submucosal

S106 – Yuhsin V Wu, MD, Eric M Pauli, MD, Steve J Schomisch, PhD, Cassandra N Cipriano, Amitabh Chak, MD, Jeffrey L Ponsky, MD, Jeffrey M Marks, MD disclosures–30 sec background–38 sec EESD limitation–1:02 Keyword(s): ablative technique, adipocyte stem cell therapy, Annals of Surgery, anti-scarring agents, antifibrotic therapy, Archives of Facial Plastic Surgery, […]

Glucose And Insulin Response To Gtt: A Prospective Comparison Between Roux En Y Gastric Bypass, Vert

S100 – Mitchell S Roslin, MD, FACS, Yuriy Dudiy, MD, Joanne Weiskopf, PA, Paresh C Shah, MD, FACS background–21 sec methods–2:23 results–2:57 conclusion–6:55 Q&A session–8:00 Keyword(s): alcoholism, BMI, bone density, bowel length, clinical trials, control trials, Covidien, DM, DS, euglycemia, fasting blood glucose levels, glucose challenge, glucose metabolism, glucose response, glycemic index, gold standard, […]

Revisional Surgery After Failed Adjustable Gastric Banding: Institutional Experience With 90 Consecu

S102 – Keng-Hao Liu, MD, Michele Diana, MD, Michel Vix, MD, Hurng-Sheng Wu, MD, Jacques Marescaux, MD, FACS, HonFRCS, HonFJSES AGB overview–23 sec failed AGB–47 sec RYGB–1:08 http://ww Keyword(s): abdominal pain, AGB, anastomotic strictures, Annals of Surgery, band slippage, bariatric procedure, bariatric revisional surgery, BMI, comorbidities, complication rates, conversion, demographics, device-related complications, DS, […]

Impact Of Operative Duration On Postoperative Pulmonary Complications In Laparoscopic Vs Open Colect

S098 – Rachel M Owen, MD, Sebastian D Perez, MSPH, S. Scott Davis, MD, Edward Lin, DO, Ankit D Patel, MD, Nathanial Lytle, MD, John F Sweeney, MD background–18 sec hypothesis–1:05 methods–1:30 results–3:26 implications–7:03 limitations–8:04 conclusion–8:51 Keyword(s): ACS/NSQIP, ASA class, conversion, cost savings, CPT codes, data analysis, data collection, disseminated cx, DNR status, elderly, emergent […]

Laparoscopic Common Bile Duct Exploration Versus Intraoperative Sphincterotomy For Management Of Com

S099 – Ahmed A Elgeidie, Mohamed M Elshobary, Yussef E Naeem, Mohamed M Elhemaly, Gamal K Elebeidy study population–2:00 exclusion criteria–2:27 surgical/endoscopic intervention–2:55 LCBDE technique–3:12 IOES technique–3:35 study outcome–3:59 conclusion–7:18 Q&A session–8:20 Keyword(s): abdominal US, bile weak, biliary surgery, bleeding, cannulation, CBD malignancy, CBDS, cholangitis, choledochotomy, conservative tx, cystic duct, elderly, endoscopic intervention, ERCP, exclusion […]

Endoscopic Reversal and Bypass of Strictured Vertical Banded Gastroplasty

Nathan E Conway, MD, Ashwin A Kurian, MD, Christy M Dunst, MD, Lee L Swanstrom, MD, Kevin M Reavis, MD VBG overview–15 sec case #1–52 sec case #2–3:30 Keyword(s): EGD, endoscopic balloon, endoscopic gastric band revision, endoscopic reversal, endoscopic stent, gastric outlet obstruction, gastrogastrostomy, GT, stricturoplasty, transnasal, tunneling, UGI contrast study, VBG

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