Video Institution: University Of Pennsylvania--Philadelphia PA

Prospective Randomized Trial of NOTES® Cholecystectomy Versus Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy

PROSPECTIVE RANDOMIZED TRIAL OF NOTES® CHOLECYSTECTOMY VERSUS LAPAROSCOPIC CHOLECYSTECTOMY Steven D Schwaitzberg, MD Michael L Kochman, MD disclosures–37 sec 1st NOSCAR white paper–44 sec Human NOTES CCX–1:31 NOSCAR–1:51 NOVEL trial aims–2:12 NOVEL trial design–2:44 NOVEL trial fund raising–3:13 NOVEL trial protocol approval–4:14 NOVEL trial grants & contracts–4:33 NOVEL trial study administration–5:53 NOVEL trial criteria–6:09 […]

Laparoscopic Versus Open Ventral Hernia Repair One Year Outcomes and Cost Analysis Using State Wide

LAPAROSCOPIC VERSUS OPEN VENTRAL HERNIA REPAIR ONE YEAR OUTCOMES AND COST ANALYSIS USING STATE WIDE CLAIMS DATA Brett L Ecker, MD Lindsay Kuo, MD, Kristina D Simmons, PhD, John P Fischer, MD, Jon B Morris, MD, Rachel R Kelz, MD, MSCE background–24 sec citation–1:43 methods–2:14 demographics–2:58 results–3:45 conclusion–5:23 Q&A session– Keyword(s): claims data, […]

The Foundation of Effective Negotiations

Presented by Mark Talamini, MD at the SAGES 2014 Meeting; Panel – Career Development Symposium citation–8:12 Keyword(s): academic medical centers, agreement, Annals of Surgery, authoritative, BATNA, body language, bogey, calculate, Career Development Symposium, chair of surgery, chairman, consequences, dean, ethical, expected style, hospital bottom line, incentive, intelligence, interests, knowledge, long-term relationship, negotiations, non-verbal communication, […]

SAGES Webinar: Career Development: Personal, Professional, Financial

Chair: Jacob Greenberg, MD Faculty: Jon Gould, MD; Aurora Pryor, MD; and Daniel Wallach December 9, 2014 professional development by Dr. Jon Gould–2:55 disclosures–4:27 7 habits of highly effective people–5:36 build your clinical practice–11:23 be proactive–15:35 success breeds success–16:30 Keyword(s): 401k, 403b, 457 plan, AAS, abundance mentality, academia, academic couples, academic partners, academic practice, academic […]

ERPs in Bariatric Surgery – The 23 Hour Sleeve Gastrectomy

Presented by Rajesh Aggarwal, MD at the SAGES 2014 Annual Meeting; Enhanced Recovery Postgraduate Course systematic review of ERPs in bariatric surgery–1:24 citations–8:09 take ho Keyword(s): admission, age, Annals of Surgery, anti-thrombotic therapy, antibiotic therapy, bariatric surgeons, bariatric surgery, BJS, BMI, case comparison, case series, co-morbidities, cohort, colorectal surgery, control pts, cost reduction, […]

The Future of Surgical Robotics

Presented by Katherine Kuchenbecker, PhD at the SAGES 2013 Annual Meeting; Multidisciplinary Future of Surgery disclosures–8 sec citation–1:49 essential questions–5:25 acknowledgements–14:52 Keyword(s): actuator, auditory feedback, bandwidth, bariatric procedures, bedside surgeon, camera, eye hand coordination, feasibility test, fingertips, force feedback, gastric band placement, general surgeon, hand controller, hands-on demonstration, haptic feedback, in vivo, intuitive da […]

S054: Paula K Edelson, BSc

SS11: Robotics – Concurrent Sessions Keyword(s): ASMBS COE, LapBand, morbid obesity, robotic LGB, superobese

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