Video Institution: Houston Methodist Research Institute--Houston TX

Robonaut 2.0 – Developing the humanoid robot of the future

Presented by Vid Fikfak at the ET: Emerging Technology Session at the SAGES 2016 Annual Meeting on 3/18/2016 Keyword(s): assistant, dexterity, humanoid robot, intubation, knot tying, laryngoscopy, mentoring, NASA, peg transfer, PT, robonaut 2.0, technology

V062 Laparoscopic Repair of an Acquired Left Lumbar Hernia

V062 LAPAROSCOPIC REPAIR OF AN ACQUIRED LEFT LUMBAR HERNIA Lee M Morris, MD Patrick R Reardon, MD; The Houston Methodist Hospital case study–32 sec pt positioning–2:02 procedural video–2:07 post-op–4:21 f/u–4:27 Keyword(s): 3D mesh, lap repair, lumbar hernia, transabdominal repair, XLIF

VR in Fundamentals of Endoscopic Surgery

Presented by Brian Dunkin, MD at the SAGES 2014 Meeting; Panel – Emerging Frontiers in Simulation-Based Surgical Education overview–30 sec history of FES–2:09 deconstruct flexible endoscopy–5:05 VR simulator–5:54 elements re-created in VR–7:30 metrics–7:50 testing–8:42 demographics with citation–9:10 http:/ Keyword(s): a priori, AASLD, ABS, ABS flexible endoscopy curriculum for general surgery residents, ACG, AGA, ASCRS, ASGE, […]

CBD Stones Post Graduate Course Discussion

Presented by the panel at the SAGES 2014 Meeting; CBD Stones Post Graduate Course LCDE success rate–20 sec imaging charges–2:02 discussion begins–2:47 learning curve for IOCs–3:13 ERCP question–4:45 transductal exploration Keyword(s): 25G butterfly needle, ABD, acute biliary pancreatitis, acute cholecystitis, air, amylase, anatomic abnormalities, anatomy, artery, basket, BCBS, bifurcation, blood supply, C-arm, cannulization, catheter, […]

Transcystic CBD Exploration

Presented by Joseph Petelin, MD at the SAGES 2014 Meeting; CBD Stones Post Graduate Course PPV of preop indicators–2:02 surgeons & CBD stones–2:29 citation–2:49 tx of CBDS algorithm–3:22 citation–4:05 Keyword(s): 0.035 guidewire, 14G IV sleeve, 4 Fr balloon-tipped catheter, administration, algorithm, American Journal of Surgery, ampulla, anatomy, anesthetist, atraumatic graspers, atraumatic instrument, backwall, […]

Intra-Operative Imaging of the biliary system – Cholangiography

Presented by Brian Dunkin, MD athe SAGES 2014 Meeting; CBD Stones Post Graduate Course overview–31 sec CBD stones: How common?–54 sec Keyword(s): 10 ml syringe, algorithmic approach, alk phos, anatomic variation, anatomy, angiogram catheter, AP orientation, asymptomatic, balloon, basket, biliary issues, biliary system, bilirubin, C-arm, catheter, CBD injury, CBDS, cholangiography, choledocholithiasis, clinical manifestations, […]

Preventive ablation: does it work? – RF Ablation – Cryoablation

Presented by Brian Dunkin, MD disclosures–32 sec Barrett’s–1:02 ablation overview–1:29 mucosal ablation–2:02 HALO systems–2:42 clinical trials for HALO–5:27 Barrett’s with HGD–6:02 Keyword(s): American Journal of Gastroenterology, APC, apoptosis, ASGE, balloon, Barrx, BE, cryogen, cryotherapy, CSA, DDW, dysplastic IM, EES, EGD, EMR, Endo-Window, endoscope, esophageal adenocarcinoma, esophagectomy, Gastrointestinal Endoscopy, HALO 360 system, HALO 90 system, […]

Sinistroposition: True Left-Sided Gallbladder. A Rare Condition in a Common Operation

Presented by Patrick R Reardon, MD, SS19 – Videos – HPB (Hepatobiliary and Pancreas): V035 overview–1:16 procedural video–2:13 port placement–2:27 normal anatomy–6:21 Q&A session–8:55 Keyword(s): falciform ligament, fundus down technique, GB, hepatic surgical anatomy, IOCs, LC, medioposition, porta hepatis, sinistroposition, situs inversus

3mm Sleeve Gastrectomy: Minimizing MIS

SAGES 2012 Bonus Video – Amanda Parker, MD, Michele A Riordon, MD, Vadim Sherman, MD, Brian J Dunkin, MD, Patrick R Reardon, MD Keyword(s): 3mm instruments, endo GIA, endoscope, LSG, MIS

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