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Approaching The Difficult Gallbladder: Preoperative Decision-Making

Dr. Steven Schwaitzberg, MD disclosures–43 sec are you a master at CCX?–1:50 optimizing the difficult case–4:05 anticipating problems–4:33 acute cholecystitis–13:35 chronic cholecystitis–14:20 cirrhosis–15:10 know when to call for help–15:55 optimizing outcomes–16:09 Keyword(s): ABS, acute cholecystitis, chronic cholecystitis, cirrhosis, conversion rate, CT, CVS, dilated CBD, ERCP, GB, GB disease, GBP, hydrox, imaging, informed consent, IOCs, jaundice, […]

Bile Duct Injury: Now What?

Dr. Horacio Asbun, MD timing of discovery–1:28 dx–2:18 Delphi results–4:18 procedural video–5:29 discovery of CBDI post-op–7:59 work-up–8:33 MRC–8:51 mechanisms of injury–9:05 surgical repair–10:32 conclusion–13:47 Keyword(s): biliary tree, CBDI, drain, ERCP, hepatectomy, hepaticojejunostomy, jaundice, LC, MRC, MRCP, MRI, OC, PTCH, T-tube, Triangle of Calot, US

Approaching The Difficult Gallbladder: Intraoperative Techniques

Dr. Benjamin Poulose, MD disclosures–37 sec general rules–56 sec biliary tree anatomy–1:57 arterial anatomy–5:35 pathology–6:42 practical algorithm–7:28 is there anatomy or path present requiring a different approach?–8:09 cystic duct ID–9:30 will GB separate from fossa easily?–9:45 bailout maneuvers–10:08 pt cases–1:28 Keyword(s): aberrant anatomy, biliary colic, biliary dyskinesia, biliary tree, CCX, cholecystitis, cholecystostomy tube, chronic biloma, […]

Additional Considerations: The Community Surgeon Perspective

Dr. Jeffrey Crooms, MD personal background–2:03 surgical indications–2:17 surgery timing–2:32 surgical techniques–3:12 cholangiography–4:46 special considerations–5:18 complications–6:24 prevention–6:54 community buy in–8:03 ask help–8:50 summary–9:52 Keyword(s): bile leak, CBDI, cholecystitis, cholecystostomy tube, cholelithiasis, cirrhosis, community surgeon, CVS, FLS, gallstone pancreatitis, IOCs, morbid obesity, NOTES, pediatric, recertification, robotic CCX, single incision CCX, tertiary care, US

Mechanisms of Bile Duct Injury

Dr. Abe Fingerhut, MD causes of injury–1:07 mis-ID–1:29 Strasberg classification–2:27 ATOM–2:56 non leaking vs leaking BDI–6:02 safety measures–7:30 imaging–8:29 technical errors–9:31 common mistakes–9:45 ID of cystic & hepatic arteries–10:31 tenting effect–11:15 traction–11:28 beware of monopolar energy–13:12 human factors–13:27 essential steps–14:05 thought process–15:24 Keyword(s): ATOM, CBDI, COSIC, CVS, cystic duct, EAES, […]

Imaging Techniques in Biliary Surgery

Dr. Daniel Deziel, MD overview–32 sec methods for intra-op bile duct imaging–40 sec IOCs–53 sec LUS–7:47 fluorescence cholangiography–9:48 conclusion–11:21 Keyword(s): BDI, bile duct imaging, CCX, fluorescence cholangiography, ICG, inflammation, IOCs, IVA, LC, LUS, Medicare, NIRFC, obesity, population studies

The Critical View Of Safety: What Is It, Hot To Achieve It, Why It Works

Dr. Steven Strasberg, MD CVS definition–1:12 target ID–1:24 citations–2:42 infundibular technique–5:22 evidence for the CVS–6:37 why the CVS works–8:16 a problem with the CVS–9:56 criteria for scoring doublet photo–11:06 warning–11:37 citation–13:05 COSIC–13:24 Keyword(s): BDI, biliary injury, COSIC, CVS, cystic duct, cystic plate, […]

Emergency Department Visits After Cholecystectomy: The NY State Experience

Dr. Dana Telem, MD background–1:04 data–1:40 value based medicine–1:57 NY data–2:30 what does this mean?–3:44 what can we do?–5:58 Keyword(s): abdominal pain, analgesia, CCX, CMS, CVS timeout, ED utilization, HCUP, LC, MEPS, phlebitis, readmissions, self-pay, SPARCS, value based medicine

The Critical View Of Safety: Is This It?

Dr. Robert Fanelli, MD disclosures–1:10 doublet photographs–1:40 CVS grading exercise–1:51 doublet grading review–2:34 quiz–3:56 doublet photo review–4:33 concluding discussion–11:36 Keyword(s): CCX, CVS, cystic plate, doublet photographs, hepatocystic triangle

Art Innovative Design

ART INNOVATIVE DESIGN James D. Geiger, MD disclosures–1:06 innovation definition–1:18 clinical immersion–4:49 opportunity discovery–5:54 solution creation–6:46 innovation pathway–7:39 educational programs–8:12 M-PED consortium–10:17 commercialization programs–10:46 citation–11:24 achieving biomedical innovation for peds–11:41 could simple be better?–13:22 you have an idea, now what?–14:49 Keyword(s): clinical immersion, commercialization programs, da Vinci, device development, device trials, educational programs, fellowship, […]

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