Fundamentals Of Endoscopic Surgery: Creation And Validation Of The Hands-On Test


S103 – M C Vassiliou, MD, MEd, P Kaneva, MSc, B J Dunkin, MD, G M Fried, MD, J D Mellinger, MD, T Trus, MD, K I Hoffman, PhD, C Lyons, MD, J R Korndorffer, MD, M Ujiki, MD, V Velanovich, MD, G Korus, MD, D J Scott, MD, J Martinez, MD, S Tsuda, MD, J Seagu

FES overview–24 sec
fundamental skills–2:20
data analysis–5:02
internal consistency–6:17
pass score–6:49

Keyword(s): absolute agreement coefficient, board requirement, centralized collection, centralized reporting, centralized web support, cognitive test, computer-generated platform, cost-effective desktop model, Cronbachs alpha, curriculum, cut-score, data analysis, endobubble, endoscopic experience, endoscopists, endoscopy, FES scores, FES task force, flex endo, fundamental skills, gastroenterology, GI Mentor II, hands-on test, haptics, high-fidelity visuals, insufflation, internal consistency reliability, IRB approval, iterative process, limitations, loop reduction, manual skills, metrics, multicenter study, pass score, pilot trials, questionnaire, retroflexion, RFP, scope navigation, sensitivity, Simbionix, simulator platforms, skill set, skills test, software issues, Spearman-Brown prophecy formula, specificity, standardized test admin, statistical analysis, suction, surgical training, targeting task, technology, test-retest, trained proctor, validation, validity, VR

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