Video Author: Adrales G

Management of Incidental Contamination During Ventral Hernia Repair

Presented by Gina L Adrales at the Panel: Difficulties and Complications in Ventral Hernia Repair during the SAGES 2016 Annual Meeting.

S099: Heidi L Fitzgerald, MD

Resident and Fellows Scientific Session Keyword(s): anemia, antireflux surgery, biologic mesh, Cameron lesions, dysphagia, early satiety, elderly, elective repair, endoscopy, esophageal reflux, gastric outlet obstruction, gastropexy, hemorrhage, HH, long-term outcomes, mortality, NG, Nissen fundoplication, observation, octogenarians, PEHR, pledget, regurgitation, surgical management, watchful waiting

Enhanced Preoperative Planning for Laparoscopic Donor Nephrectomy via 3-D Image Processing

Authors: MJ Mastrangelo Jr.; GL Adrales; IM George; J Stich; JD Hoskins; WO Witzke; J Garrison; UB Chu; C Weiss; M Nicholls; LC Munch; TD Johnston; KS Reddy; D Ranjan; J Buck; AE Park lap donor nephrectomy–20 sec pre-op CT–1:05 anatomical anomalies–2:06 3-D imaging–2:17 conclusion–7:27 Keyword(s): 3-D image processing, CT angiography, donor nephrectomy, immersive VR

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