Video Category: Fundamentals Of Laparascopic Surgery

Postoperative Considerations: Melina C. Vassiliou, M.D.

Fundamentals of Laparoscopic Surgery Hands-on Course overview–18 sec PNV–41 sec prevention of narcotic induced nausea–2:42 Bupivicaine–3:46 post pain–4:32 wound care–5:08 diet–5:53 activity restriction–6:47 access injuries–7:54 pneumo- Keyword(s): access injuries, activity restriction, antiemetics, bile staining, bladder injuries, Bupivicaine, coupling, Dexamethasone, FLS, foregut surgery, gas embolism, incisional hernia, narcotics, nerve injury, NGT, obese, occlusive dressing, Ondansetron, organ […]

Technical Skills-Development of FLS Curriculum: Gerald M. Fried, M.D.

Fundamentals of Laparoscopic Surgery Hands-on Course developing technical proficiency–2:45 skills to be modeled–8:37 creating simulation models–9:36 manual skills–10:12 FLS tasks–12:16 metrics–15:23 reliability results–16:10 http://www.ncbi Keyword(s): apprenticeship, appy, box trainer, camera navigation, cannulation, chief resident, cognitive skills, competence, construct validity, content validity, EndoLoop, evaluation, expert panel, face validity, feedback, FLS, GOALS, HM, inter-rater reliability, intracorporeal knot […]

Basic Laparoscopic Procedures: Shawn T. Tsuda, M.D.

Fundamentals of Laparoscopic Surgery Hands-on Course current lap procedures–34 sec dx lap–1:29 bx–6:09 hemostasis–7:42 lap suturing–8:36 intracorporeal knot tying–9:47 hemorrhage–11:07 Keyword(s): acute ABD, appy, argon beam coagulator, atraumatic instruments, Carcinomatosis peritonii, CCX, dermoid cyst, dx lap, EndoLoop, EndoStitch, energy sources, excisional bx, fibrin sealant, FLS, FNA, footboard, gangrenous appendicitis, general surgery, groin hernia, GYN, hemangiomas, […]

Intraoperative Considerations: E. Matthew Ritter, M.D.

Fundamentals of Laparoscopic Surgery Hands-on Course Keyword(s): ABS, competency measurement, credentialing, didactic sessions, FLS, general surgery, GYN, interns, laparoscopy, peds, PGY4, PGY5, proctor, program directors, resident training, risk management, U.S. Department of Defense

Preoperative Considerations: Ashley Vernon, M.D.

Fundamentals of Laparoscopic Surgery Hands-on Course lap equipment–2:02 troubleshooting lap equipment–10:14 energy sources–11:32 definitions–12:29 current density–13:00 tissue heating–13:23 hazards of electrosurgery–15:21 bipolar cautery– Keyword(s): bipolar cautery, bowel obstruction, capacitive coupling, cauterization, current density, dessication, direct coupling, electrosurgery, energy sources, FLS, GYN, H&P, Harmonic scalpel, laparoscope, laparoscopy, Ligasure, medical malpractice, monopolar electrocautery, obesity, preop, return circuit, […]

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