Source: 2010 Annual Meeting

Live from Salerno Afghanistan – Use of MIS and Endoscopy in the Field Hospital: Josh Alley, M.D.

Live From Afghanistan Session case comparisons–3:30 laparoscopy in wartime–5:32 EESC–6:49 acknowledgements–9:15 Q&A session–9:25 Keyword(s): abdominal trauma, appy, deployment, EESC, flex endo, general surgeons, inguinal hernia repair, laparoscopy, mentorship, wartime

Abdominal Wall Reconstruction in War-Injured Patients: Jonathan Pearl, MD

Live From Afghanistan Session options for open ABD management–1:31 ideal solution–3:06 citations–3:42 algorithm–5: Keyword(s): abdominal closure, abdominal wall defects, abdominal wall reconstruction, Afganistan, biologic, bioprosthetic bridge, components separation, hernia defect, Iraq, laparotomy, open abdominal wounds of war, PTFE, Rives-Stoppa, serial closure technique, skin graft, soldiers, underlay, VH, Vicryl mesh, war-injured patients

Introduction: Steven P. Bowers, M.D.

Live From Afghanistan Session Keyword(s): Afganistan

ET22: Michael M Awad, MD PhD

Emerging Technology Session dual console robotic surgery–8 sec hypothesis–37 sec design–48 sec results–3:20 conclusion–6:55 Keyword(s): bowel anastomosis, dual console robotic surgery, FLS, laparoscopy, mesh, NASA task load, pattern cutting, PEHR

ET21: Ricardo Zorron

Emerging Technology Session disclosures–13 sec transcolonic NOTES—18 sec Keyword(s): transcolonic NOTES

ET20: Paolo Giamundo, MD

Emerging Technology Session citation–25 sec hypothesis–31 sec HELP–50 sec Keyword(s): anastomotic perfusion, CR resections, HELP, internal hemorrhoids, ligation, superior rectal artery, symptomatic hemorrhoids

ET19: Fady Moustarah, MD MPH

Emerging Technology Session overview–30 sec Keyword(s): bariatric surgery, endoluminal approach, morbidly obese, NIH, obesity, TERIS procedure, weight loss

ET18: Katherine B Heiden, MD

Emerging Technology Session Keyword(s): robotic thyroidectomy

ET17: Pierre Garneau, MD

Emerging Technology Session conclusion–5:15 Keyword(s): 360 degree immersive panomorph endoscopic device, vision system

ET16: Luc Soler, PhD

Emerging Technology Session disclosure–10 sec NOTES–26 sec METRIS–2:14 conclusion–6:58 Keyword(s): augmented reality system, endoscopic procedures, flex endoscope, GPS, METRIS, NDI, NOTES

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