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Quality of Life after Laparoscopic Limited Gastrectomy Using Sentinel Node Navigation Technique in G

QUALITY OF LIFE AFTER LAPAROSCOPIC LIMITED GASTRECTOMY USING SENTINEL NODE NAVIGATION TECHNIQUE IN GASTRIC CANCER SINGLE ARM AND SINGLE CENTER, PHASE II CLINICAL TRIAL (NCT01441310) Hyung-Ho Kim Sang-Yong Son, Ju-Hee Lee, Sang-Hoon Ahn, Do Joong Park, Do Hyun Jung, Cheol Min Shin, Young Soo Park, Hye Seung Lee background–1:01 pts & materials–1:25 results–4:15 summary–6:04 Q&A […]

Does Laparoscopic Adrenalectomy Jeopardize Oncologic Outcomes For Patients With Known Or Suspected A

S047 – Amanda Cooper, MD, Mouhammed Habra, MD, Elizabeth Grubbs, MD, Brian Bednarski, Anita Ying, MD, Alexandria Phan, MD, Nancy Perrier, MD, Jeffrey Lee, MD, Thomas Aloia, MD ACC overview–22 sec evolution of imaging accuracy–1:00 lap adrenalectomy–2:04 study objective–2:49 methods–3:10 results–3:45 limitations–7:23 conclusion–8:15 Q&A session–9:18 Keyword(s): ACC, adjuvant strategy, adjuvant therapy, adrenal capsule, adrenal gland, […]

Laparoscopic Repair Of Left Paraduodenal Hernia

SAGES 2012 Bonus Video – Joo-ho Lee, MD PhD, Ji Hyun Lee, MD Keyword(s): lap repair, paraduodenal hernia


Hyung-Joon Han, MD disclosures–51 sec intro–56 sec Keyword(s): acute cholecystitis, CRP, CVS, cytokine response, inflammation, interleukin-6, LC, leukocyte, MIS, pain measurement, single port, subcostal, systemic stress response, transumbilical, VAS

S055: Khashayar Vaziri, MD

SS12 Bariatrics: Scientific Sessions and Panels Keyword(s): Bard G2, chemoprophylaxis, DVT, early ambulation, fluoro table, Gunther Tulip, Heparin, high risk bariatric surgery, LRYGB, morbidly obese, obesity, PE, pneumatic compression devices, prophylactic IVCF, revisional procedures, US, venous thromboembolism, VTE prophylaxis

Video-Endoscopic and Thoracoscopic Parathyroidectomy: James Lee, M.D.

MIS and Cancer Endocrine/Solid Organ Postgraduate Course overview–22 sec video-assisted benefits/disadvantages–47 sec cervical techniques–1:45 mediastinal techniques–7:00 Keyword(s): cervical parathyroidectomy, cosmesis, endoscopic parathyroidectomy, ergonomics, GA, local anesthesia, mediastinal parathyroidectomy, mediastinoscopy, thoracoscopic thymectomy, thoracoscopic thyroidectomy, video-assisted parathyroidectomy

Laparoscopic Resection of 15cm Paraganglioma

Authors: James Lee, MD; Joseph Grossman, BA; Quan Duh, MD Keyword(s): lap resection, pancreas, paraganglioma, pheochromocytoma

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