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Minimally Invasive Surgery for Gastric Cancer in a Single Institution: Clinical Experience of 3,021 Cases over 11 Years

MINIMALLY INVASIVE SURGERY FOR GASTRIC CANCER IN A SINGLE INSTITUTION: CLINICAL EXPERIENCE OF 3,021 CASES OVER 11 YEARS Young Suk Park, MD Aung Myint Oo, Dong Joon Shin, Do Hyun Jung, Sang Yong Son, Sang Hoon Ahn, Do Joong Park, Hyung Ho Kim; Seoul National University of Bundang Hospital, Korea intro–38 sec procedural video–5:36 conclusion–7:27 […]

Quality of Life after Laparoscopic Limited Gastrectomy Using Sentinel Node Navigation Technique in G

QUALITY OF LIFE AFTER LAPAROSCOPIC LIMITED GASTRECTOMY USING SENTINEL NODE NAVIGATION TECHNIQUE IN GASTRIC CANCER SINGLE ARM AND SINGLE CENTER, PHASE II CLINICAL TRIAL (NCT01441310) Hyung-Ho Kim Sang-Yong Son, Ju-Hee Lee, Sang-Hoon Ahn, Do Joong Park, Do Hyun Jung, Cheol Min Shin, Young Soo Park, Hye Seung Lee background–1:01 pts & materials–1:25 results–4:15 summary–6:04 Q&A […]

Predictive Factors Associated with Postoperative Pancreatic Fistula after Laparoscopic Distal Pancre

PREDICTIVE FACTORS ASSOCIATED WITH POSTOPERATIVE PANCREATIC FISTULA AFTER LAPAROSCOPIC DISTAL PANCREATECTOMY A 10-YEAR SINGLE INSTITUTION EXPERIENCE Ho-Seong Han, MD, PhD Arturo III Mendoza, MD, Soyeon Ahn, PhD, Yoo-Seok Yoon, MD, PhD, Jai Young Cho, MD, Young Rok Choi, MD background–30 sec results–1:27 conclusion–2:08 Q&A session–2:42 Keyword(s): distal pancreatectomy, pancreatic fistula, predictive factors

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