Does Laparoscopic Adrenalectomy Jeopardize Oncologic Outcomes For Patients With Known Or Suspected A


S047 – Amanda Cooper, MD, Mouhammed Habra, MD, Elizabeth Grubbs, MD, Brian Bednarski, Anita Ying, MD, Alexandria Phan, MD, Nancy Perrier, MD, Jeffrey Lee, MD, Thomas Aloia, MD

ACC overview–22 sec
evolution of imaging accuracy–1:00
lap adrenalectomy–2:04
study objective–2:49
Q&A session–9:18

Keyword(s): ACC, adjuvant strategy, adjuvant therapy, adrenal capsule, adrenal gland, adrenal mass, adrenal surgery, benign lesions, calcification, central hemorrhage, chemotherapy, cross sectional imaging, CT, friable, heterogenous mass, IV contrast, lap adrenalectomy, lap approach, lap resection, malignancy, nephrectomy, oncologic outcomes, open adrenalectomy, open resection, peritoneal recurrence, surgical salvage, T-stage, T1 tumor, tumor, venous extension

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