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Does Laparoscopic Adrenalectomy Jeopardize Oncologic Outcomes For Patients With Known Or Suspected A

S047 – Amanda Cooper, MD, Mouhammed Habra, MD, Elizabeth Grubbs, MD, Brian Bednarski, Anita Ying, MD, Alexandria Phan, MD, Nancy Perrier, MD, Jeffrey Lee, MD, Thomas Aloia, MD ACC overview–22 sec evolution of imaging accuracy–1:00 lap adrenalectomy–2:04 study objective–2:49 methods–3:10 results–3:45 limitations–7:23 conclusion–8:15 Q&A session–9:18 Keyword(s): ACC, adjuvant strategy, adjuvant therapy, adrenal capsule, adrenal gland, […]

Long Term Follow Up Of Endoscopic Sclerotherapy For Dilated Gastrojejunostomy After Gastric Bypass

S051 – Magdy Giurgius, MD, Nicole Fearing, MD, Alexandra Weir, BA, Lada Micheas, MS, Archana Ramaswamy, MD introduction–22 sec weight regain–34 sec dilated GJ–53 sec sclerotherapy–1:37 study aim–1:45 methods–1:59 procedural video–2:50 study results–3:48 multivariate models–5:35 limitation Keyword(s): bariatrician, clear liquid diet, Clinical Gastroenterology & Hepatology, endoscope, endoscopic plication, endoscopic sclerotherapy, endoscopic suturing, endoscopy, gastric pouch, […]

Impact Of Comorbidity On Outcomes And Overall Survival After Open And Minimal Invasive Esophagectomy

S046 – James P Dolan, MD, Taranjeet Kaur, MBBS, Brian S Diggs, PhD, Renato A Luna, MD, Paul Schipper, MD, Brandon Tieu, MD, Brett C Sheppard, MD, John G Hunter, MD background–58 sec comorbidities–1:43 CCI grade–2:20 study aims–4:23 methods–4:54 demographics–5:40 op & postop outcomes–6:05 major com Keyword(s): adenocarcinoma, anastomotic leak, anesthesia care, CCI grade, […]

Volume And Outcome Relationship In Bariatric Surgery In The Era Of Laparoscopy

S050 – Mehraneh D Jafari, MD, Monica T Young, MD, Vinh Q Nguyen, PhD, Brian R Smith, MD, Michael J Stamos, Ninh T Nguyen, MD introduction–26 sec objectives–1:34 study design–2:15 endpoints–2:52 pt demographics–4:21 comorbidities–4:41 outcomes–4:51 limitations–7:22 summary–7:42 conclusion–8:20 Q&A ses Keyword(s): ACS Bariatric Surgery Center Network, anastomotic leak, ASMBS COE, bariatric centers, CMS, HVC, ileus, […]

Submucosal Endoscopy With Mucosal Resection (Semr): A New Hybrid Technique Of Endoscopic Submucosal

S052 – Kohei Takizawa, MD, Christopher J Gostout, MD, Mary A Knipschield background–30 sec SEMF–52 sec SEMR–1:48 study aim–2:15 SFC–3:06 submucosal balloon dissection–3:17 outcome measures–4:13 results–4:39 summary 1–6:10 summary 2–7:34 discussion–7:56 Keyword(s): anus, APC, Asia, circumferential incision, colon perf, CR neoplasia, DDS, electrosurgical knife, en bloc resection, endoscope, endoscopists, ERCP stone extraction balloon, GI Endoscopy, […]

End-To-End Hand Sewn Anastomosis Versus Side-To-Side Stapled Anastomosis In Laparoscopic Right Cole

S049 – M Bun, MD, A Canelas, MD, F Carballo, MD, E Grzona, MD, M Laporte, MD, C Peczan, MD, N Rotholtz, MD introduction–23 sec background–44 sec study aim–1:57 stud Keyword(s): 75 mm linear cutter, anastomotic leak, anastomotic stricture, bowel recovery, Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews, CR surgeons, CR surgery, Crohns, DCR, dehiscence, […]

Experience with Laparoscopic Median Arcuate Ligament Release in 26 Patients

Nathan G Richards, MD, Richard Amdur, PhD, Richard Neville, MD, Anton Sidawy, MD, MPH, Frederick J Brody, MD, MBA Keyword(s): aortogram, CAC, celiac plexus, celiac US, hybrid technique, lap MAL release, MALS, MRI, pancreatitis, split leg position

Laparoscopic Excision of Type Ic Choledochal Cyst Including Intrapancreatic Portion with Hepaticojej

Cameron D Adkisson, MD, John A Stauffer, MD, Adam S Harris, MD, Horacio J Asbun, MD, FACS case presentation– 8 sec MRI–46 sec EUS–1:02 op plan–1:08 trocar placement–1:19 procedural video–1:26 pathology–7:04 postop course–7:14 Keyword(s): CBD, CT, ERCP, EUS, fusiform choledochocele, hepaticojejunostomy, LFTs, MRI, type Ic choledochal cyst

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