Video Author: Jones S

Integration of Energy Systems: Cardiac Rhythm Management Devices and Energy-based Devices

Presented by Stephanie B Jones at the PG Course: Fundamental Use of Surgical Energy (FUSE) – Preparation and Refresher Course during the SAGES 2016 Annual Meeting.

Fundamental Use of Surgical Energy (fuse) Certification Validation and Predictors of Success

FUNDAMENTAL USE OF SURGICAL ENERGY (FUSE) CERTIFICATION VALIDATION AND PREDICTORS OF SUCCESS Thomas N Robinson J Olasky, P Young, L S Feldman, P R Fuchshuber, S B Jones, A Madani, Michael Brunt, D Mikami, G P Jackson, J Mischna, S Schwaitzberg, Daniel B Jones intro–53 sec purpose–1:49 methods–2:09 results–3:11 conclusion–6:17 Q&A session–6:47 Keyword(s): certification validation, […]

VR Simulation Research at RPI

Presented by Ganesh Sankaranarayanan, PhD at the SAGES 2014 Meeting; Panel – Emerging Frontiers in Simulation-Based Surgical Education VR simulation research–3:11 VBLaST–4:05 VBLaST PC–5:53 VBLaST LP–6:33 V-Band simulator–7:12 V-Band training tasks–7:44 LAGB simulation begins–7:54 VTEST demo begins–9:34 VR2–11:10 VE Keyword(s): 3D interactive display interface, academic institutions, artificially control, blunt dissection, CeMSIM, clinical partners, clinicians, coag […]

PG Fundamental Use of Surgical Energy (FUSE): Cardiac Rhythm Management and Energy-based devices

Stephanie Jones, MD CIEDs–1:01 extent of problem–1:40 EMI–2:09 EMI factors–2:35 CIED pre-op care–6:15 NBG codes–7:35 citation–8:35 http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.g Keyword(s): bipolar, cardiologist, CIED, deep brain stimulator, dispersive electrode, electrosurgical device, EMI, endoscopy, implantable defibrillator, magnet, monopolar, NBG codes, pacemaker, RFA, sacral nerve stimulator, surgical energy, ultrasonic shears

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