Video Author: Jackson G

MIS for pediatric surgery emergencies

Presented by Gretchen P Jackson at the Panel: MIS in Acute Care Surgery during the SAGES 2016 Annual Meeting.

Considerations in Pediatric Surgery

Presented by Gretchen Purcell Jackson at the PG Course: Fundamental Use of Surgical Energy (FUSE) – Preparation and Refresher Course during the SAGES 2016 Annual Meeting.

Fundamental Use of Surgical Energy (fuse) Certification Validation and Predictors of Success

FUNDAMENTAL USE OF SURGICAL ENERGY (FUSE) CERTIFICATION VALIDATION AND PREDICTORS OF SUCCESS Thomas N Robinson J Olasky, P Young, L S Feldman, P R Fuchshuber, S B Jones, A Madani, Michael Brunt, D Mikami, G P Jackson, J Mischna, S Schwaitzberg, Daniel B Jones intro–53 sec purpose–1:49 methods–2:09 results–3:11 conclusion–6:17 Q&A session–6:47 Keyword(s): certification validation, […]

PG Fundamental Use of Surgical Energy (FUSE): Considerations in Pediatric Surgery

Gretchen Purcell Jackson, MD, PhD anatomic & physiologic considerations–1:32 electrosurgical settings–4:27 dispersive electrode–5:51 electrosurgy in pregnancy–8:20 Keyword(s): adhesive drapes, amniotic fluid, dispersive electrode, electrosurgical devices, energy devices, ET tube, fetus, FUSE, infant, IPEG, neonate, pediatrics, pregnancy

Social Media for Surgeons: Questions and Answers

Gretchen Purcell Jackson, MD, Kiran Turaga, MD, Niraj Gusani, MD, Seung Gwon, MD, Michele Ledgerwood, MPP, Allan Okrainec, MD, Danielle Walsh. Keyword(s): Facebook, LinkedIn, media consultant, social media, Twitter

Social Media for Surgeons: What is Social Media?

Gretchen Purcell Jackson, MD definitions–55 sec types of social media–2:20 user stats–7:46 social media in healthcare–9:08 patients & social media–9:57 social media etiquette–10:56 Keyword(s): blog, Facebook, fund raising, healthcare, LinkedIn, Second Life, social media, Twitter, web 2.0, wikipedia, World of Warcraft, YouTube

Adolescent Surgery Session: They Look Like Adults, but Aren’t the Same-Adolescent Anatomy

Gretchen Purcell Jackson, M.D., Ph.D. body composition changes–1:48 BMI–3:23 menarche–4:53 pregnancy testing–6:07 Keyword(s): adolescent anatomy, body image, eating disorders, menarche, morbidly obese, pregnancy

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