Video Institution: Vanderbilt University--Nashville TN

Fundamental Use of Surgical Energy (fuse) Certification Validation and Predictors of Success

FUNDAMENTAL USE OF SURGICAL ENERGY (FUSE) CERTIFICATION VALIDATION AND PREDICTORS OF SUCCESS Thomas N Robinson J Olasky, P Young, L S Feldman, P R Fuchshuber, S B Jones, A Madani, Michael Brunt, D Mikami, G P Jackson, J Mischna, S Schwaitzberg, Daniel B Jones intro–53 sec purpose–1:49 methods–2:09 results–3:11 conclusion–6:17 Q&A session–6:47 Keyword(s): certification validation, […]

What Do I Look For in a New Hire?

Presented by William Richards, MD at the SAGES 2014 Meeting; Panel – Career Development Symposium background–25 sec what I look for in a new hire–1:44 surgical skill–2:43 expertise in a field–3:56 communication skills–4:23 does the background fit?–4:48 collegiality–6:24 fit for the p Keyword(s): academics, ACS case log system, advice, Alabama, apologize, arrested, ask for help, […]

Disease-Based Mortality After Percutaneous Endoscopic Gastrostomy: Utility Of The Enterprise Data W

S105 – Benjamin K Poulose, MD, MPH, Joan Kaiser, RN, MS, William C Beck, MD, Pearlie Jackson, PhD, William H Nealon, MD, Kenneth W Sharp, MD, Michael D Holzman, MD, MPH PEG overview–22 sec aim of study–47 sec methods–1:12 VPOD–1:42 disease specific dataset–2:39 methods–2:54 results–3:30 conclusion–5:23 Q&A session–5:52 Keyword(s): adminstrative data, aspiration pneumonia, billing subsystem, […]

PG Fundamental Use of Surgical Energy (FUSE): Considerations in Pediatric Surgery

Gretchen Purcell Jackson, MD, PhD anatomic & physiologic considerations–1:32 electrosurgical settings–4:27 dispersive electrode–5:51 electrosurgy in pregnancy–8:20 Keyword(s): adhesive drapes, amniotic fluid, dispersive electrode, electrosurgical devices, energy devices, ET tube, fetus, FUSE, infant, IPEG, neonate, pediatrics, pregnancy

Discussion/Unexpected Intraoperative Findings Session

Discussion Keyword(s): anastomotic leaks, anethesiologist, BDI, Bougie, buttressing material, CBDS, CCX, conflict of interest, CRNA, cystic duct syndrome, devascularization, esophageal perf, ET tube, fibrin glue, fundoplication, gallbladder, in situ, infundibulum, laparoscopy, LC, NGT, paralytic, staple line leak, staple line reinforcement, stent, US, vagotomy, wedge Collis gastroplasty

S058: R H Clements, MD

SS12 Bariatrics: Scientific Sessions and Panels Keyword(s): amino acids, arganine, beta-hydroxy-beta-methylbutyrate, calorimetry, compliance, DEXA scan, glutamine, GT, lean body mass, LGBP, morbid obesity, nutritional supplement, oral supplement, resting metabolic rate

Endoscopic Retroperitoneal Resection of an Extra-adrenal Pheochromocytoma

Authors: Ronald H. Clements, MD; Michael D. Holzman, MD; Lewis Blevins, MD; Richard E. Goldstein, MD hx–19 sec CT–35 sec procedural video–1:10 f/u–7:22 Keyword(s): dissecting balloon, endoscopic, norepinephrine, octreotide scan, pheochromocytoma, retroperitoneal resection

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