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Transition of Techniques Totreat Choledochal Cyst Disease in Children

TRANSITION OF TECHNIQUES TOTREAT CHOLEDOCHAL CYST DISEASE IN CHILDREN BRIAN DALTON, MD JEFFREY DEHMER, MD, KATHERINE SCHNELL, MD, SHAWN ST. PETER, MD, RICHARD HENDRICKSON, MD objective–40 sec design–1:04 early postop complications–1:47 conclusion–4:17 IPEG–4:59 Q&A session– Keyword(s): BM, colon resection, constipation, HD, incontinence, IPEG, long-term outcome, MIS, QOL, rectomanometry, soave procedure, transanal approach

A Comparative Study Between Two Stage and Three Stage Laparoscopic Assisted Anorectoplasty LAARP For

A COMPARATIVE STUDY BETWEEN TWO STAGE AND THREE STAGE LAPAROSCOPIC ASSISTED ANORECTOPLASTY LAARP FOR HIGH ARM YANG LI, MD SHAO TAO TANG background–1:21 methods–1:47 results–2:28 conclusion–4:35 IPEG–4:58 Q&A session–5:00 Keyword(s): anastomosis, ARM, comparative study, IPEG, LAARP, stoma, three-stage procedure, two-stage procedure

Laparoscopic Lateral Pancreaticojejunostomy and Roux-en-Y Reconstruction for an Obstructing Pancreat

LAPAROSCOPIC LATERAL PANCREATICOJEJUNOSTOMY AND ROUX-EN-Y RECONSTRUCTION FOR AN OBSTRUCTING PANCREATIC DUCT STONE AFTER OPEN WHIPPLE OPERATION Fredrick Che, MD Kelvin Higa, MD, Ashraf Haddad, MD, Keith Boone, MD, Saber Ghiassi, MD case background–38 sec procedural video–1:25 conclusion–6:32 Q&A session–7:12 Keyword(s): bariatric surgery, ductotomy, ERCP, FLS, HPB surgery, intracorporeal suturing, lesser sac, mesenteric defect, pancreatic duct […]

Laparoscopic Repair of Petersen’s Defect for Acute Bowel Obstruction with Chylous Ascites

LAPAROSCOPIC REPAIR OF PETERSEN’S DEFECT FOR ACUTE BOWEL OBSTRUCTION WITH CHYLOUS ASCITES Jennifer Kaplan, MD Barbara Hamilton, MD, Samuel Schecter, MD, Matthew Lin, MD, Stanley Rogers, MD, Jonathan Carter, MD clinical hx–35 sec port placement–1:02 procedural video–1:14 Q&A session–5:12 Keyword(s): anti-colic anti-gastric, bariatric surgery, chylous ascites, common channel, deperitonealize, dx laparoscopy, hernia reduction, internal hernia, […]

Public Perceptions on Robotic Surgery, Hospitals with Robots, and Surgeons That Use Them

PUBLIC PERCEPTIONS ON ROBOTIC SURGERY, HOSPITALS WITH ROBOTS, AND SURGEONS THAT USE THEM Joshua A Boys, MD Evan T Alicuben, MD, Michael J DeMeester, Stephanie G Worrell, MD, Daniel S Oh, MD, Jeffrey A Hagen, MD, Steven R DeMeester, MD disclosures–33 sec intro–36 sec aim–1:15 conclusion–4:36 Q&A session–5:20 Keyword(s): da Vinci, remote RS

Laparoscopic Treatment for Choledochal Cysts with Stenosis of Common Hepatic Duct

LAPAROSCOPIC TREATMENT FOR CHOLEDOCHAL CYSTS WITH STENOSIS OF COMMON HEPATIC DUCT AIWU LI JIAN WANG, QIANGYE ZHANG, HONGCHAO YANG background–47 sec methods–1:13 procedural video–1:22 results–2:27 conclusion–2:49 IPEG–3:30 Q&A session–3:34 Keyword(s): children, choledochal cysts, common hepatic duct, GB, IPEG, lap tx, stenosis

A New Anastomosis of Laproscopic Kasai Procedure for Biliary Artesia

A NEW ANASTOMOSIS OF LAPROSCOPIC KASAI PROCEDURE FOR BILIARY ARTESIA BIN WANG SHUADIAN ZENG, JIANXONG MAO, JIANYO WANG, QI FENG, ZIMIN CHEN, FANG CHEN, LEI LIU biliary atresia–16 sec results–4:35 advantages of new method–4:54 conclusion–5:06 Q&A session–5:45 IPEG–5:46 Keyword(s): anastomosis, biliary atresia, hepaticojejunostomy, IPEG, Kasai procedure

Laparoscopic Duhamel Procedure Hirschsprungs Disease Systematic Review and Metaanalysis

LAPAROSCOPIC DUHAMEL PROCEDURE HIRSCHSPRUNGS DISEASE SYSTEMATIC REVIEW AND METAANALYSIS DANIEL SCHOLFIELD, MBCHB, BSC ASHOK DAYA D RAM, MBBS, FRCS, FRCPS background–48 sec method–1:24 outcome parameters–1:46 results–2:04 postop enterocolitis–2:24 postop constipation–2:52 op time–3:04 faecal incontinence–3:32 further surgery–3:56 LOS–4:18 time to oral feed–4:34 limitations–4:44 conclusion–5:07 IPEG–5:34 Q&A session–5:36 Keyword(s): constipation, Duhamel procedure, enterocolitis, faecal incontinence, HD, […]

Clinical Outcomes of Anorectoplasty Performed in the First 6 Months of Life for High Anorectal Malfo

CLINICAL OUTCOMES OF ANORECTOPLASTY PERFORMED IN THE FIRST 6 MONTHS OF LIFE FOR HIGH ANORECTAL MALFORMATIONS SHUAI LI SHAO TAO TANG background–50 sec objective–2:03 method–2:15 results–2:59 discussion–3:38 conclusion–5;19 IPEG–6:16 Q&A session–6:20 Keyword(s): ARM, ARP, clinical outcomes, colostomy, incontinence, IPEG, LAARP, newborn, PSARP

A New Minimally Invasive Approach for Persistent Cloaca Laparoscopic Assisted Anorectal Pullthrough

A NEW MINIMALLY INVASIVE APPROACH FOR PERSISTENT CLOACA LAPAROSCOPIC ASSISTED ANORECTAL PULLTHROUGH AND PARTIAL UROGENITAL MOBILIZATION LONG LI CHEN WANG, WEI CHENG, SHULI LIU purpose–24 sec methods–38 sec procedural video–1:34 results–3:19 conclusion–4:28 IPEG–4:42 Q&A session–4:44 Keyword(s): cloaca, IPEG, LAAP, prolapse, rectal pouch, rectum, urethra, urogenital sinus, vagina

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