Surgical Simulation in 2020


Surgical Simulation in 2020

John Paige, MD

disclosures–41 sec
goal–57 sec
key terms–2:45
key features of SBT–5:47
overestimating our abilities–8:19
applications of SBT–8:37
technical skills training–8:59
cognitive & technical training–9:24
team training–9:50
error proofing–10:15
future of surgical simulation–11:06
surgical skills curriculum–11:53
mobile mock OR–13:09
current initiatives–14:20
comprehensive SBT quality & pt safety–14:46
future at LSU–15:06
class of 2024 medical student–15:24
general surgery resident 2020–16:32
use of national curricula–17:47
practicing surgeon–17:57
Q&A session–19:16

Keyword(s): 3D printer, ACLS, AHRQ, cadaveric labs, FLS, general surgery resident, SBT, team training, technical skills training, VR simulator

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