Video Author: Paige J

Surgical Simulation in 2020

Surgical Simulation in 2020 John Paige, MD disclosures–41 sec goal–57 sec objectives–1:11 key terms–2:45 key features of SBT–5:47 overestimating our abilities–8:19 applications of SBT–8:37 technical skills training–8:59 cognitive & technical training–9:24 team training–9:50 error proofing–10:15 modeling–10:54 future of surgical simulation–11:06 surgical skills curriculum–11:53 mobile mock OR–13:09 current […]

Role of Endoscopy and MIS for the Acute Care Surgeon

Faculty: Sharon Bachman, MD; Teresa LaMasters, Archana Ramaswamy, MD; and John Paige, MD Keyword(s): 02 level, 10 mmHg, 10/12 mm trocar, 15 mmHg, 2D world, 30 day mortality, 3D world, 5 mm ports, ABD, abdominal entry, abdominal pain, abdominal wall, abdominal x-ray, absolute contraindications, accepted approach, access port, acid base, actue incarcerations, acute ABD, acute […]

OR Team Training With Simulation

Presented by John Paige, MD at the SAGES 2014 Meeting; Panel – FUSE, Fire and Fiasco – OR Safety 101 goal–1:11 objectives–1:28 background–2:53 what’s wrong with the OR team with citations–2:58 Keyword(s): abusive language, adaptability, AHRQ grant, allied health pilots, ambiguous message, American Journal of Surgery, analysis of skills and roles, anesthesia, Annals of […]

The role of mental rehearsal

Presented by John T. Paige, MD at the SAGES 2013 Annual Meeting; Simulation – The Next Generation disclosures–21 sec goals–34 sec objectives–42 sec Fitts Posner theory–1:56 motor skill acquisition–2:24 motor learning–2:52 MR–3:37 how does M Keyword(s): action observation, anesthesia students, Annals of Surgery, automatic phase, automation, BMC Medicine, British Journal of Anaesthesia, cognition, cognitive […]

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