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TIPS & TRICKS in inguinal hernia TAPP

Mesh can not cover all the area. Keyword(s): inguinal hernia, Prolene mesh, TAPP, tips & tricks

Laparoscopic Repair of an Epigastric Hernia

This is a video of a laparoscopic repair of a primary epigastric hernia with fascial closure and IPOM mesh. preperitoneal fat & falciform ligament–32 sec measuring hernia defect–2:50 closure of defect–3:00 mesh selection–4:35 echo device deployment–4:56 echo device removal–6:26 placement of Keyword(s): abdominal wall, air, approximation, Bard Ventralex ST, barrier protected, CV-2 Gortex suture, deployment, […]

SAGES Resident Webinar: Optimizing Outcomes for Inguinal Hernia Repair

Matthew Goldblatt, MD – Course Moderator/Speaker Andrew Kastenmeier, MD – Faculty Speaker David Chen, MD – Faculty Speaker Brian Jacob, MD – Faculty Speaker Open inguinal hernia repair by Dr. Matthew Goldblatt–2:03 disclosures–2:54 inguinal hernia overview–3:03 indications for hernia repair–4:49 citation–7:01 Keyword(s): 10 lb lifting restriction, 10 mm camera, 10 mm trocar, 12th rib, […]

Discussion – SAGES Concurrent Session SS15 – Hernia

Panel Discussion, SS15 – Hernia Keyword(s): biologic mesh, Dermabond, polyester mesh, PTFE mesh, stoma, tacks, transfascial sutures

Parastomal Hernia Repair: Laparoscopic Modified Sugarbaker Technique Results

Presented by Asma Asif, BS, SS15 – Hernia: S087 disclosures–34 sec background–40 sec surgical management–55 sec lap Sugarbaker technique–1:21 hypothesis–2:06 method–2:17 results–2:55 conclusion–5:33 Keyword(s): keyhole technique, mesh, parastomal hernia repair, recurrence rates, Sugarbaker technique

Outcomes of Simultaneous Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy and Ventral Hernia Repair

Presented by Nathan T Orr, MD, SS15 – Hernia: S086 background–38 sec objective–1:07 method–1:21 results–2:11 conclusion–5:15 Q&A session–5:54 Keyword(s): ABX, bile spillage, biliary dyskinesia, CPT codes, gallbladder disease, LC, LVHR, mesh, multivariate analysis, NSQIP

Closure Versus Non-Closure of Hernia Defect During Laparoscopic Ventral Hernia Repair with Mesh

Presented by Marianna Zeichen, MD, SS15 – Hernia: S085 disclosures–30 sec background–35 sec purpose–1:07 method–1:20 techniques compared–11:39 pt characteristics–2:19 hernia characteristics–2: Keyword(s): EndoStitch, hernia defect, intracorporeal suture closure, LIVR, LVHR, mesh, recurrence rates, stab incisions

Comparison of Long-Term Outcome and Quality of Life Following Laparoscopic Repair

Presented by Virinder K Bansal, MBBS MS FACS, SS15 – Hernia: S084 intro–37 sec method–1:03 aim–1:20 study protocol–1:34 conclusion–5:22 Q&A session–5:55 Keyword(s): absorbable tacks, chronic pain, cost-effectiveness analysis, hernia sac, LIVR, long-term outcome, LVHR, Prolene suture, ProTack, QOL, suture mesh fixation

Laparoscopic Ventral Hernia Repair – Longterm Prognosis and Analysis of Mesh Shrinkage

Presented by Kanyu Nakano, MD, SS15 – Hernia: S083 background–9 sec objective–29 sec method–38 sec port placement–1:03 pt characteristics–1;41 hernia location–2:03 mesh size–2:25 operative characteristics–2:38 complications–2:58 recu Keyword(s): C-QUR Edge mesh, Composix E/X mesh, CT, dualmesh, hernia defect, LIVR, LVHR, mesh fixation, mesh shrinkage, PTFE, tacks, transfascial sutures

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