Video Author: Goldblatt M

Situational Awareness and Teamwork

Presented by Matthew I Goldblatt at the Panel: Tools for the Surgical Educator “Coaching the Teachers” during the SAGES 2016 Annual Meeting.

Acetazolamide Reduces Post Operative Pain Following Laparoscopic Inguinal Herniorrhaphy

ACETAZOLAMIDE REDUCES POST OPERATIVE PAIN FOLLOWING LAPAROSCOPIC INGUINAL HERNIORRHAPHY Matthew I Goldblatt, MD Irene Pourladian, BS, Matthew Frelich, MS, Alex Lois, BS, Harvey Woehlck, MD, Michelle Weber, MSN, Andrew Kastenmeier, MD, PhD, Jon C Gould, MD disclosures–21 sec intro–37 sec method–1:26 results–2:38 VAS pain scores–3:07 total analgesics adminstered–5:08 conclusion–5:27 Q&A session–5:55 Keyword(s): Acetazolamide, analgesics, carbonic […]

Laparoscopic Inguinal Hernia Repair

Laparoscopic Inguinal Hernia Repair Matthew Goldblatt, MD disclosures–40 sec bilateral direct inguinal hernia–43 sec failed balloon–3:33 incisional TAPP–5:19 Q&A session–7:42 Keyword(s): incisional hernia, inguinal hernia repair, mesh, TAPP

SAGES Resident Webinar: Optimizing Outcomes for Inguinal Hernia Repair

Matthew Goldblatt, MD – Course Moderator/Speaker Andrew Kastenmeier, MD – Faculty Speaker David Chen, MD – Faculty Speaker Brian Jacob, MD – Faculty Speaker Open inguinal hernia repair by Dr. Matthew Goldblatt–2:03 disclosures–2:54 inguinal hernia overview–3:03 indications for hernia repair–4:49 citation–7:01 Keyword(s): 10 lb lifting restriction, 10 mm camera, 10 mm trocar, 12th rib, […]

SAGES Resident Webinar: Management of Acute Bariatric Surgical Complication for Nonbariatric Surgeon

Faculty includes: Valerie Halpin, MD (Chair); Matthew Goldblatt, MD; Sachin Kukreja, MD; Brandon Williams, MD Band complications for the non-bariatric surgeon by Dr. Valerie Halpin–2:22 2 things to know–2:44 common band complaints–3:56 band deflation–5:18 tools for band adjustment–5:37 Band ports–6 Keyword(s): acute ABD, alimentary limb, Allergan AP band, antecolic, antegastric, anterior slip, balloon dilatation, balloon […]

Surgery in the Obese Patient: Bariatric Surgery and Tips and Tricks for Surgery in the Morbidly Obes

Faculty includes: Valerie Halpin, MD (Chair); Nicole Fearing, MD; Matthew Goldblatt, MD; Sachin Kukreja, MD Keyword(s): 100 mm trocars, anastomotic leaks, anticolic anastomosis, band erosion, band slippage, bariatric surgery emergencies, bleeding, buttressing material, DVT prophylaxis, dysphagia, EGD, endoscope, endoscopic dilation, endoscopy, fibrin glue, footboard, gastrografin, GJ strictures, H. pylori, hematemesis, HH, internal hernias, JJ, LAGB, […]

Difficult Problems in Reasonable Patients Panel: Abdominal Wall Pain, Following Ventral Hernia

Matthew Goldblatt, M.D. disclosures–50 sec abdominal wall pain–58 sec chronic pain–1:10 tacks–2:39 seromas–5:28 sutures–7:00 infection–9:27 adhesions–13:04 work-up- Keyword(s): abdominal wall pain, ABXs, adhesions, chronic pain syndromes, dx lap, H&P, infection, mesh, perc drain, permanent sutures, seromas, tacks, transfascial sutures, VH


Presented by Sachin S Kukreja, MD hx–27 sec work-up–54 sec procedural video–1:23 conclusion–5:52 Q&A session–6:30 Keyword(s): BE, cruroplasty, DGE, dysphagia, EGD, esophageal diverticulectomy, GERD, HH, manometry, Nissen fundoplication, pregnancy, redo, UGI

V028: Sachin S Kukreja, MD

SS12 Bariatrics: Scientific Sessions and Panels Keyword(s): CBDE, cholangiogram, double balloon enteroscopy, ERCP, EUS, gallstones, gastric access, gastrostomy, LRYGB, MRCP, perc transhepatic cholangiography, SOD, transduodenal sphincteroplasty

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