Video Institution: UT Southwestern Medical Center--Dallas TX

ERPs in Emergency General Surgery – The 8 hr appendectomy

Presented by Diana L Diesen at the PG Course: SAGES SMART – Incorporating the Latest in Enhanced Recovery into your Gastrointestinal Surgery Program during the SAGES 2016 Annual Meeting.

In situ simulation to assess new facilities

Presented by Aimee K Gardner at the Panel: Using Simulation to Improve Quality and Safety in Surgical Care (joint panel with ASE) during the SAGES 2016 Annual Meeting.

Is Current Surgery Resident and GI Fellow Training Adequate to Pass FES?

Presented by Aimee K Gardner at the SS08: Flexible Endoscopy Session during the SAGES 2016 Annual Meeting.

Total Surgical Management – Instrumentation, Organization and Set Up

Presented by Daniel Jones, MD at the SAGES 2014 Meeting; CBD Stone Post Graduate Course options–1:35 challenges–1:52 lap equipment–3:24 curriculum–5:18 conclusion–7:11 top 14 procedures every practicing surgeon should know–7:58 Keyword(s): 2 mm working channel, 21 Fr abdominal wall introducer sheath, academic center, angioplasty catheter, assistant, balloon dilator, box trainer, camera, cannulation, CBDE, CBDE management, CBDS, […]

Malrotation with Midgut Volvulus

Presented by Diana Leigh Diesen, MD at the SAGES 2013 Annual Meeting; Bariatric and Pediatric Emergencies for the non-Pediatric, non-Bariatric Surgeon hx of malrotation–5 sec embryology–1:35 pathophysiology of midgut volvulus–4:04 epidemiology–4:26 associated conditions–5:00 http://www.ncbi.n Keyword(s): ABD, abdominal cavity, abdominal distention, abdominal gutter, abdominal pain, abdominal wall defects, adhesions, aggressive hydration, analysis, Annals of Surgery, […]

Incorporating FLS and FES into your Residency Panel: Finding the Time and Help

Daniel J. Scott, M.D. disclosures–1:21 goals–1:33 hurdles–2:15 availability of skills labs–5:00 skill acquisition–6:51 Keyword(s): ACS, certification, competency, FLS, proctor, proficiency-based training, resident training, RRC, simulation training, simulators, skills lab, skills lab coach, skills training, surgical education, VR equipment, VR training


Presented by Genevieve Dulan, MD background–42 sec aim–3:29 method–3:53 results–4:49 discussion–6:13 conclusion–6:57 Keyword(s): construct validity, da Vinci robotic system, proficiency-based training, robotic surgery


Presented by Michael J Lee, MD port placement–2:08 procedural video–2:39 post-op course–7:03 summary–7:29 conclusion–8:13 Q&A session–8:15 Keyword(s): barium enema, dual mesh, DVT prophylaxis, endoscope, endoscopy, fibrin sealant, fundoplication, HH, incisional hernia, LSG, Marlex band, obstruction, reflux, revisional procedures, RYGB, SQ Heparin, VBG

TOP 14 Part 4: Laparoscopic CBDE

Video Author: Mark Watson, MD (TOP 21 NOW AVAILABLE AT Keyword(s): CBDE, cholangiogram catheter, choledochotomy, cholelithiasis, ERCP, fluoroscopy, IOC, LC, ureteroscope

Single Incision Lap Chole: Retractable, Operative Strategives, and Safety

PG – Advanced Laparoscopic Techniques – Homero Rivas disclosures–39 sec agenda–44 sec technique–1:00 challenges with SILS–2:10 SILC–2:55 implementing single site surgery in your practice–14:00 innovative opportunities–15:01 Keyword(s): Keith needle, operative strategies, pt selection, reduced port surgery, retraction, robotic platform, safety, SILC

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