Video Institution: Laparoscopic Surgical Center--New York NY

You are More Than Just a Surgeon

You are More Than Just a Surgeon Brian Jacob, MD innovations–1:17 research–1:46 start up companies–2:55 passion–4:31 likeable social media–5:35 principle of a likeable business–5:56 Orbera intragastric balloon–10:26 International hernia collaboration–11:41 online collaboration–13:19 coming soon–15:04 summary–15:45 Keyword(s): angelMD, endoluminal surgery, facebook, IncLinx, innovation, International Hernia Collaboration, mentorship, Obera intragastric balloon, online collaboration, overtube, […]

SAGES Resident Webinar: Optimizing Outcomes for Inguinal Hernia Repair

Matthew Goldblatt, MD – Course Moderator/Speaker Andrew Kastenmeier, MD – Faculty Speaker David Chen, MD – Faculty Speaker Brian Jacob, MD – Faculty Speaker Open inguinal hernia repair by Dr. Matthew Goldblatt–2:03 disclosures–2:54 inguinal hernia overview–3:03 indications for hernia repair–4:49 citation–7:01 Keyword(s): 10 lb lifting restriction, 10 mm camera, 10 mm trocar, 12th rib, […]

SAGES Resident Webinar: Patient Centered Outcomes in Inguinal Hernia Repair

This webinar on Patient Centered Outcomes in Inguinal Hernia Repair has been developed specifically for residents and features four expert panelists: Brian Jacob, MD (Chair); George Ferzli, MD; B. Todd Heniford, MD; David Chen, MD webinar begins–3:57 Outcomes are paramount: Predicting chronic pain after IHR by Dr. B Todd Heniford–6:23 inguinal hernia recurrence rates–7:45 […]

Inguinal Hernia – Laparoscopic vs. Open Debate: What is the BEST Practice? – TEP

Brian Jacob, M.D. disclosures–35 sec recipe for success–57 sec TEP vs TAPP–1:20 Keyword(s): adhesions, asymptomatic, balloon, Bassini repair, bladder injury, chronic pain, incarceration, inguinal hernia repair, inguinodynia, laparoscopy, Lichtenstein, mesh, morbidly obese, op report, peritoneum, Pfannenstiel, post-op pain, prostatectomy, QOL, recurrence, scrotal hernia, Shouldice repair, Shouldice technique, strangulated femoral hernia, tacks, TAPP, TEP, […]

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