Video Institution: University Of Massachusetts School Of Medicine--Worcester MA

SAGES Webinar: Career Development: Personal, Professional, Financial

Chair: Jacob Greenberg, MD Faculty: Jon Gould, MD; Aurora Pryor, MD; and Daniel Wallach December 9, 2014 professional development by Dr. Jon Gould–2:55 disclosures–4:27 7 habits of highly effective people–5:36 build your clinical practice–11:23 be proactive–15:35 success breeds success–16:30 Keyword(s): 401k, 403b, 457 plan, AAS, abundance mentality, academia, academic couples, academic partners, academic practice, academic […]

How do you Address Large Polyps? – PG: MIS Colorectal Surgery

Panel-debate: MIS Colorectal Surgery Keyword(s): appendectomy, appendix, artificial tears, cecum, colectomy, colon polyps, colonoscopy, CR surgery, EMR, endoscopic management, endoscopy, ESD, frozen section, gastroenterologist, GI bleeding, Gonak, HGD, lap assisted, laparoscope, leak, minimally invasive, piecemeal excision, polypoid lesions, reimbursement, saline lift, segmental resection, sessile polyp, splenic flexure, tattoo

Acute Appendicitis: The Case for Laparoscopic Appendectomy and Laparoscopic Appendectomy Technique

SAGES Grand Rounds Volume 1 – Issue 3 Sept. 2005 ideal case–12 sec unclear cases–25 sec Keyword(s): acute appendicitis, CT scan, diagnostic error, elevated WBC, fever, lap appy, leukocytosis, migratory pain, N&V, periumbilical pain, PPV, retrospective, RLQ tenderness, technique, US

Role of Diagnostic Laparoscopy in Patients with Unexplained Acute or Chronic Abdominal Pain

SAGES Grand Rounds Volume 1 – Issue 3 Sept. 2005 abdominal pain entities–16 sec initial approach for acute pain–41 sec contraindications to laparoscopy–1:43 pre-op–2:43 prerequisites to proceed with laparoscopy–3:26 conduct of surgery for acute pain–4:22 port placement–6:00 pt positioning–8:21 laparoscopy for the management of non-traumatic acute ABD–8:39 pathology–9:57 inflammatory process–10:09 perf–10:36 bowel obstruction–10:58 […]

Strategic Planning To Create High Performance Organizations: Alec Glover, M.B.A.

MBA for Surgeons Panel: Asset Management and Protection for Surgeons. disclosures–18 sec strategic planning–3:09 action plans–6:05 Keyword(s): action plan, high performance organizations, mission, performance measures, strategic planning, values, vision

Laparoscopic Radical Retropubic Prostatectomy

Authors:John R. Romanelli, MD; Douglas M. Dahl, MD; Robert D. Blute, MD; Demetrius E.M. Litwin, MD Keyword(s): radical retropubic prostatectomy

Laparoscopic Adrenalectomy

Authors: M Stoker; N Patwardhan; B Maini Keyword(s): adrenalectomy, argon beam coagulator, Conn syndrome, pheochromocytoma

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