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How do you Address Large Polyps? – PG: MIS Colorectal Surgery

Panel-debate: MIS Colorectal Surgery Keyword(s): appendectomy, appendix, artificial tears, cecum, colectomy, colon polyps, colonoscopy, CR surgery, EMR, endoscopic management, endoscopy, ESD, frozen section, gastroenterologist, GI bleeding, Gonak, HGD, lap assisted, laparoscope, leak, minimally invasive, piecemeal excision, polypoid lesions, reimbursement, saline lift, segmental resection, sessile polyp, splenic flexure, tattoo

Endoscopic Submucosal with diagnostic Laparoscopy (Movie Clip) – PG: MIS Colorectal Surgery

Peter Marcello, MD results–3:11 plan–3:42 conclusion–4:08 Keyword(s): air leak test, dx laparoscopy, ESD, ileus

Endoscopic Submucosal dissection – different Perspective – PG: MIS Colorectal Surgery

Michael Stamos, MD disclosures–29 sec intro–36 sec background–1:03 current status–2:14 causes of difficult polypectomy–6:58 decreasing recurrence following EMR–10:22 EMR lift & cut–11:02 limitations of EM Keyword(s): Aponos device, cecum, colectomy, colonoscopy, colotomy, double channel scope, EMR, en-bloc resection, endoscopist, epi, ESD, flex endo, gastroenterologist, Gonak, learning curve, methylene blue, polypectomy, recurrence, sessile polyp, snare polypectomy

Endoscopic Submucosal with diagnostic Laparoscopy – PG: MIS Colorectal Surgery

Peter Marcello, MD disclosures–1:54 ESD–2:22 plan–4:44 technique–7:15 Keyword(s): ASCRS, ESD, gastroscope, Gonak, laparoscopist, laparoscopy, perf, polypectomy

Endoscopic Resection Combined with Laparoscopic Wedge Resection – PG: MIS Colorectal Surgery

R. Larry Whelan, MD disclosures–21 sec background–34 sec segmental colectomy–1:03 alternatives to colectomy–1:33 wedge resection–2:15 when not to do a wedge resection–4:10 Keyword(s): cecum, colonoscope, dysplastic adenoma, EMR, endoscopy, ESD, EUS, frozen section, hemicolectomy, HGD, IC valve, laparoscopy, saline lift, sclerotherapy, segmental colectomy, sessile polyp, sigmoid colon, snare polypectomy, tattoo, wedge resection

Laparoscopic Assisted Endoscopic Polypectomy – PG: MIS Colorectal Surgery

Sang Lee, MD; introduction: Peter Marcello, MD intro for Dr. Lee’s presentation–2:43 CELS–3:05 CO2 laparoscopy & colonoscopy–4:19 port placement–4 Keyword(s): air leak test, CELS, CO2 colonoscopy, colectomy, endoscopic snare, ESD, flex endo, GA, indigo carmine, lap-assisted colonoscopic polypectomy, laparoscopy, NBI, piecemeal excision, recurrence, saline lift, sessile polyp

Approach to Mid Rectal T3 Cancer in obese Males After Chemoradiation – PG: MIS Colorectal Surgery

Panel-debate, PG: MIS Colorectal Surgery Keyword(s): chemoradiation, chemotherapy, colonic J-pouch, coloplasty, EUS, excisional bx, FTLE, Gelport, hand assist, ischemia, loop ileostomy, MRI, obese, radiation therapy, rectal cx, recurrence rates, TME, valves of Houston

Endoanal Alternatives – PG: MIS Colorectal Surgery

John Marks, MD disclosures–47 sec MIS approaches to the rectum–53 sec NOTES–1:07 rectal cx management hx–2:54 logic of endoanal approaches–4:17 rectal cx & MIS s Keyword(s): chemoradiation, CR surgery, endoanal, endoanal proctectomy, FTLE, laparoscopy, MIS, neoadjuvant therapy, NOTES, rectal cx, rectum, SILS, TATA, TEM, TME

Laparoscopic TME – PG: MIS Colorectal Surgery

Sergio Larach, MD disclaimer–54 sec citation–1:00 specimen exam–2:26 TME–2:38 LTME–2:53 Keyword(s): anastomotic leak, ANP, APR, CRT, Denovilliers fascia, dyspareunia, impotence, intracorporeal anatomosis, LAR, local recurrence, LTME, mesorectum, rectal cx, sexual dysfunction, sphincter-preserving, staple firing, urinary function

Hand Assisted Approach – PG: MIS Colorectal Surgery

Kirk Ludwig, MD; introduction – Michael Stamos, MD rectal cx–51 sec TME–1:52 HAL LAR–4:43 Keyword(s): Gelport, HAL LAR, hand-assisted lap TME, rectal cx

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