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GERD: Current Minimally Invasive and Endoscopic Treatments for Reflux

Faculty includes: Brent Matthews, MD (Chair); Andrew Kastenmeier, MD; Kyle Perry, MD; and Richard Pierce, MD Anatomic & Physiologic Evaluation of the GERD pt by Dr. Brent D Matthews–3:35 disclosures–3:39 SAGES guidelines for surgical tx of GERD–3:46 Keyword(s): 0 Ethibond, 2-0 Ethibond, 24-hr acid exposure, 24-hr pH testing, 30 degree laparoscope, 45 degree laparoscope, […]

S003 Effect of obesity on adipogenic differentiation – SS01: Basic Science

Presented by Jiegen Chen, PhD disclosures–18 sec obesity induced HTN–55 sec bariatric surgery on obesity related HTN–1:40 RAS gene expression–2:04 study aim #1–2:45 study Keyword(s): adipopegenic differentiation, bariatric surgery, GBS, MSC, RAS, RYGB, SAGES research grant award

S001 Effect of enzymatic degradation on the mechanical properties – SS01: Basic Science

Presented by Brent D Matthews, MD disclosures–43 sec project funding–47 sec background–1:03 objective–2:43 hypothesis–3:05 materials–3:36 methods–4:11 results–4:50 summary–6:58 conclusion–7:26 Q&A session–8:03 Keyword(s): allograft, biologic mesh, biologic scaffold materials, Covidien, enzymatic degradation, hiatal hernia repair, Surgisis, xenograft

S129 Risk factors affecting operative approach, conversion, and morbidity for adrenalectomy – SS23

Presented by James G Bittner IV, MD disclosures–10 sec intro–28 sec purpose–56 sec method–1:16 pt demographics–2:11 cohort demographics–2:27 indications for operation–2:52 intraop outcomes–3:18 concomitant procedures–3: Keyword(s): ACC, adrenal tumor, conversion rate, LA, MIS, NSQIP, OA, pheochromocytoma, predictive factors, risk factors

Cost Effectiveness Analysis and Comparison of Single Stage Vs Two Stage Management of Patients

Presented by Virinder K Bansal, MBBS MS FACS – SAGES Session SS12: Plenary 1- S070 disclosures–47 sec intro–52 sec tx options–1:14 RCT single vs two stage–1:37 hypothesis–1:58 des Keyword(s): CBDS, cholecystocholedocholithiasis, choledochoscope, ERCP, EUS, GSD, IOCs, LC, LCBDE, MRCP, OC, rendezvoux, SAGES Research Award 2009, stone extraction, transcystic approach

Does Pathology Audit of TME Replace the Traditional Assessment of Nodes and Margins?

Mariana Berho, MD – SAGES/ASCRS Current Controversies during Colorectal Surgery pathologic indicators of the quality of surgery in TME specimens–3:45 mesorectum integrity–4:08 http:// Keyword(s): APR, coloanal anastomosis, CRC, CRM, DTS, histology, intersphincteric resection, LE, LN, mesorectum, microscopy, multidisciplinary team, neoadjuvant chemoradiation, pathologist, pathology, plane of surgery, rectal adenocarcinoma, rectal cx, resection margins, RT, TME, […]

PG Course: Fundamentals of Endoscopic Surgery (FES) – Validating the Tool

Brian Dunkin, MD overview–1:26 hx of FES–2:22 what is FES?–3:36 GI Mentor II–9:16 Keyword(s): FES, flex endo, GAGES, gastroenterology fellow, GI Mentor II, industry partners, Symbionix, VR simulator, web-based didactic program

Advanced Surgical Technique and Suturing

This webinar on advanced surgical techniques was developed specifically for residents and featured four expert panelists: Brandon Williams, MD (Chair); Ronald Clements, MD; Brent Matthews, MD; Mark Watson, MD Laparoscopic anastomotic techniques by Dr. Brandon Williams–2:19 LRYGB–2:26 JJ–3:10 GJ–16:44 Laparoscopic suturing & tying by Dr. Ronald Clements–32:43 overview–33:35 needle management–34 Keyword(s): abdominal wall defect, abdominal […]

PG Course – Per oral Endoscopic Myotomy (POEM): Clinical Experience in Europe

Karl Hermann Fuchs, MD; Discussion – Panel disclosures–1:25 achalasia–1:27 Chicago classification–2:13 POEM intro–4:32 POEM learning curve–8:21 EAES invitation–10:04 Q&A session–10:08 Keyword(s): ABX, achalasia, Botox, Cephalosporin, Chicago classification, dilation, EAES, Eckhardt score, emphysema, ESGE, HD endoscope, intubation, learning curve, pH monitoring, pneumomediastinum, POEM, reflux, sedation, transesophageal myotomy

PG Course – Per oral Endoscopic Myotomy (POEM): Clinical Experience in USA

Lee Swanstrom, MD disclosure–29 sec citations–40 sec publications–5:23 Keyword(s): achalasia, balloon dissection, Berci Lifetime Achievement Award 2011, Botox, Candida infection, dysphagia, Eckhardt score, endoscopic myotomy, epi, ESD, esophageal motility disorders, Heller myotomy, hematoma, hemostasis, POEM, reimbursement, sigmoid esophagus

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