Video Category: Plenary I

ETAMIS: Endoscopic Visualization For Transanal Minimally Invasive Surgery

Presented by Elisabeth C McLemore, MD – SAGES Session SS12: Plenary 1- V020 disclosures–35 sec TEM–52 sec TAMIS–1:06 case study–1:25 procedural video–2:06 Q&A session–6:05 Keyword(s): adenocarcinoma, anal verge, colonoscopy, eTAMIS, FOBT, Haggit classification, lithotomy, polypectomy, saline lift, single incision platform, snare, TAE, TEM, tubulovillous adenoma

Laparoscopic Roux En Y Hepaticojejunostomy after Bismuth IV Bile Duct Injury

Presented by Augusto C Tinoco, PhD – SAGES Session SS12: Plenary 1- V019 MRI–1:15 procedural video–1:21 Q&A session–10:01 Keyword(s): Bismuth IV BDI, laparoscopy, LC, LRNYHJ

Cost Effectiveness Analysis and Comparison of Single Stage Vs Two Stage Management of Patients

Presented by Virinder K Bansal, MBBS MS FACS – SAGES Session SS12: Plenary 1- S070 disclosures–47 sec intro–52 sec tx options–1:14 RCT single vs two stage–1:37 hypothesis–1:58 des Keyword(s): CBDS, cholecystocholedocholithiasis, choledochoscope, ERCP, EUS, GSD, IOCs, LC, LCBDE, MRCP, OC, rendezvoux, SAGES Research Award 2009, stone extraction, transcystic approach

Thirty Day Outcomes Of Laparoscopic Versus Open Appendectomy in Elderly Using ACS/NSQIP Database

Presented by Ashkan Moazzez, MD FACS – SAGES Session SS12: Plenary 1- S069 disclosure–58 sec background–1:01 data–1:47 objectives–1:56 method–2:20 results–4:05 conclusion–7:28 Q&A session–7:54 Keyword(s): ACS, appendicitis, elderly, LA, NSQIP database, OA, SSI

Laparoscopic Versus Open Gastrectomy for Gastric Adenocarcinoma

Presented by Hyung-ho Kim, MD PhD – SAGES Session SS12: Plenary 1- S068 background–1:05 method–1:54 conclusion–7:09 Keyword(s): gastrectomy, gastric adenocarcinoma

Robotic Versus Laparoscopic-Assisted Intersphincteric Resection for Low Rectal Cancer

Presented by Soo Yeun Park, MD – SAGES Session SS12: Plenary 1- S067 intro–2:15 aim–4:02 method–4:14 results–6:05 summary–10:34 conclusion–11:05 Q&A session–11:34 Keyword(s): anal verge, rectal cx, robotic-assisted ISR, stapled anastomosis, urinary function

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