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General Surgery in Obese Patients – Tips and Tricks: Discussion

Samer Mattar, M.D.; David Earle, M.D.; John Romanelli, M.D.; Dimitrios Stefanidis, M.D.; Bruce Schirmer, M.D. Keyword(s): abdominal wall reconstruction, bariatric surgery, beanbag, BMI, colon resection, colostomy, compartment syndrome, component separation, cruroplasty, diverticulitis, EWL, footboard, gastric pouch, GERD, Hartmanns procedure, hernia repair, HH, liquid diet, medical director, midline, Nissen fundoplication, optical trocar, Optifast, parasthesias, peritoneal lavage, […]

General Surgery in Obese Patients – Tips and Tricks: Management of GERd/Hiatal Hernia in the Obese

Samer Mattar, MD disclosures–33 sec epidemiology–38 sec Keyword(s): acid exposure, adenocarcinoma, antireflux operations, BE, BMI, Bougie, central adiposity, DS, endoluminal therapies, gastric emptying, gastric pouch, GERD, HH, LAGB, lap band, LES, LSG, morbidly obese, NDO plicator, Nissen fundoplication, NOTES, obesity, PPI, RYGB, Stretta

General Surgery in Obese Patients – Tips and Tricks: Management of Perforated Viscus in the Obese

Bruce Schirmer, M.D. perf duodenal ulcer–38 sec outline–1:23 obese pt population–1:39 general operating principles–3:19 small bowel gangrene–4:57 massive enterolysis–6:05 IBS–6:47 C. diff–7:13 colonic neop Keyword(s): ABXs, bowel resection, C. diff, CD, colonic neoplasms, diverticulitis, enterolysis, Flagyl, frozen ABD, IBS, ileocecal valve, incisional hernias, internal hernia, lap approach, laparoscopy, loop ileostomy, megacolon, mesh, necrotizing fasciitis, obese, […]

General Surgery in Obese Patients – Tips and Tricks: Ventral Hernia Repair in Obese Patients

Dimitrios Stefanidis, M.D. disclosures–27 sec obesity & VH–3:12 recurrence after LVHR in obese patients–4:16 etiology of hernia recurrence–5:33 preop strategies for weig Keyword(s): bariatric surgery, BMI, comorbidities, Endobarrier, EWL, GBP, IAP, mesh, morbidly obese, Optifast, recurrence, staged repair, TOGA, VHR, wound complication

General Surgery in obese Patients Session: Tips and Tricks – Introduction

Samer Mattar, M.D. and David Earle, M.D.

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