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SGNA standard of infection control

Presented by Cathy Bauer at the Session: OR Team – Duodenoscopes, Infections and Reprocessing. What have we learned? at the SAGES 2016 Annual Meeting on 3/19/2016 Keyword(s): cholecystectomy, colon surgery, conversion rate, endometrial cancer, ERCI institute, general surgery, GYN oncologists, gynecologists, healthcare, inguinal hernia, Intuitive Surgical, laparoscopy, microrobot, pelvic surgery, resident training, residents, robot, robotic […]

Declining operative experience for junior level residents: Unintended consequence of minimally invasive surgery?

Presented by Matthew G Mullen at the SS23: Resident and Fellow Scientific Session during the SAGES 2016 Annual Meeting.

Bariatric Surgery

Presented by Bruce D Schirmer at the PG Course: Introduction to the SAGES University Masters Program – Assuring Competency From the Get-Go during the SAGES 2016 Annual Meeting.

SAGES Magical Mystery Tour

SAGES 2014-2015 President, L. Michael Brunt, MD gives the Presidential Address at the SAGES 2015 Annual Meeting in Nashville, TN Points of interest: Dr. Brunt begins his lecture–4:40 Acknowledgements–8:15 1989 SAGES board–9:35 Train the Trainer courses–11:16 sentinel evenT in the life of SAGES–14:11 another sentinel Keyword(s): 10,000 hour rule, 6 step program, aberrant anatomy, abstract, […]

SAGES 2014 Presidential Address

Presented by Gerald Fried, MD, FACS at the SAGES 2014 Annual Meeting. The lecture will address the role of specialty societies and the value to those at various stages of their careers Dr. Gerald Fried is the Edward W. Archibald Professor and Chairman of the Department of Surgery at McGill University, and Surgeon-in-Chief and Director of the […]

Be it Resolved that Endolumenal Therapies, Including Full Thickness Recection, Will Make Segmental Resection Obsolete for Primary Treatment of Gastrointestinal Neoplasia

Presented by Lee Swanstrom, MD and Bruce Schirmer, MD at the SAGES 2014 Meeting; The Great Presidential Debates of 2014 Dr. Lee Swantsrom’s argument begins: Endoluminal therapies will be the future of early GI cx tx–1:55 disclosures–3:00 ESD–4:00 case 1 example–5:40 case 2 example–7:20 citation–12:17 http:// Keyword(s): abdominal cavity, adenocarcinoma, advanced cx, adverse histopathological findings, […]

Leaks/Stenosis after RYGBP | Postoperative Challenges

Presented by Bruce D. Schirmer MD | SAGES 2013 Bariatric Postgraduate Course: What Every Safe Surgeon Needs to Know About Bariatric Surgery disclosures–42 sec leaks–47 sec clinical presentation–1:40 highly concerning–2:08 also concerning–2:29 decision tree–2:58 concerning findings–3:14 leak sites–3:51 postop swallow studie Keyword(s): ABX, ACS BSCN, anastomotic stenosis, CS, CT, drain, dyspnea, EEA stapler, endoscopic balloon […]

General Surgery in Obese Patients – Tips and Tricks: Discussion

Samer Mattar, M.D.; David Earle, M.D.; John Romanelli, M.D.; Dimitrios Stefanidis, M.D.; Bruce Schirmer, M.D. Keyword(s): abdominal wall reconstruction, bariatric surgery, beanbag, BMI, colon resection, colostomy, compartment syndrome, component separation, cruroplasty, diverticulitis, EWL, footboard, gastric pouch, GERD, Hartmanns procedure, hernia repair, HH, liquid diet, medical director, midline, Nissen fundoplication, optical trocar, Optifast, parasthesias, peritoneal lavage, […]

General Surgery in Obese Patients – Tips and Tricks: Management of Perforated Viscus in the Obese

Bruce Schirmer, M.D. perf duodenal ulcer–38 sec outline–1:23 obese pt population–1:39 general operating principles–3:19 small bowel gangrene–4:57 massive enterolysis–6:05 IBS–6:47 C. diff–7:13 colonic neop Keyword(s): ABXs, bowel resection, C. diff, CD, colonic neoplasms, diverticulitis, enterolysis, Flagyl, frozen ABD, IBS, ileocecal valve, incisional hernias, internal hernia, lap approach, laparoscopy, loop ileostomy, megacolon, mesh, necrotizing fasciitis, obese, […]


Mohamed Dahman, MD background–1:20 http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih Keyword(s): biologic mesh, incisional hernia repair, morbidly obese, NSQIP, super obese, VHR, WHO

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