General Surgery in Obese Patients – Tips and Tricks: Management of Perforated Viscus in the Obese


Bruce Schirmer, M.D.

perf duodenal ulcer–38 sec
obese pt population–1:39
general operating principles–3:19
small bowel gangrene–4:57
massive enterolysis–6:05
C. diff–7:13
colonic neop

Keyword(s): ABXs, bowel resection, C. diff, CD, colonic neoplasms, diverticulitis, enterolysis, Flagyl, frozen ABD, IBS, ileocecal valve, incisional hernias, internal hernia, lap approach, laparoscopy, loop ileostomy, megacolon, mesh, necrotizing fasciitis, obese, ostomy, para-colostomy hernias, perforated duodenal ulcer, polypectomy, single port, small bowel gangrene, staged bariatric operation, stoma, TAC, tattoo, ureteral stents, Vancomycin, volvulus, wound infections

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