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Managing bile reflux after bariatric surgery – What are the options?

Presented by Brandon Williams at the Panel: What Every Surgeon Should Know about Reflux in the Bariatric Patient during the SAGES 2016 Annual Meeting.

SAGES Resident Webinar: Management of Acute Bariatric Surgical Complication for Nonbariatric Surgeon

Faculty includes: Valerie Halpin, MD (Chair); Matthew Goldblatt, MD; Sachin Kukreja, MD; Brandon Williams, MD Band complications for the non-bariatric surgeon by Dr. Valerie Halpin–2:22 2 things to know–2:44 common band complaints–3:56 band deflation–5:18 tools for band adjustment–5:37 Band ports–6 Keyword(s): acute ABD, alimentary limb, Allergan AP band, antecolic, antegastric, anterior slip, balloon dilatation, balloon […]

Advanced Surgical Technique and Suturing

This webinar on advanced surgical techniques was developed specifically for residents and featured four expert panelists: Brandon Williams, MD (Chair); Ronald Clements, MD; Brent Matthews, MD; Mark Watson, MD Laparoscopic anastomotic techniques by Dr. Brandon Williams–2:19 LRYGB–2:26 JJ–3:10 GJ–16:44 Laparoscopic suturing & tying by Dr. Ronald Clements–32:43 overview–33:35 needle management–34 Keyword(s): abdominal wall defect, abdominal […]

Video Presentation Of Thoracoscopic Vagotomy

SAGES 2011 Bonus Video Keyword(s): thoracoscopic vagotomy

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