SAGES Resident Webinar: Management of Acute Bariatric Surgical Complication for Nonbariatric Surgeon


Faculty includes: Valerie Halpin, MD (Chair); Matthew Goldblatt, MD; Sachin Kukreja, MD; Brandon Williams, MD

Band complications for the non-bariatric surgeon by Dr. Valerie Halpin–2:22
2 things to know–2:44
common band complaints–3:56
band deflation–5:18
tools for band adjustment–5:37
Band ports–6

Keyword(s): acute ABD, alimentary limb, Allergan AP band, antecolic, antegastric, anterior slip, balloon dilatation, balloon sphincteroplasty, band adjustments, band complications, band dilatation, band erosion, band removal, band un-fills, band unbuckling, bariatric complications, bariatric surgery, Beriberi, biliary access, BP limb, Carafate, CBDE, CCX, cholecystitis, choledocholithiasis, common channel, double balloon endoscope, dumping syndrome, enteral access, enteropexy, enteroscopy, excluded stomach, filling defect, fistula, gallstones, gastric decompression, gastric necrosis, gastric prolapse, gastrotomy, GJ, GJ leak, GJ stricture, glossitis, Graham patch, GT, H. pylori, hiatal hernia, hyperinsulinemic hypoglycemia, ileocecal valve, incarcerated ventral hernia, internal hernia, IOC, JJ anastomosis, JJ stenosis, JT, LAGB, LC, lithotripsy, LSG, malnutrition, mesenteric defects, mesenteric mushroom, mesenteric swirl, mesenteric volvulus, mesocolon, microcytic anemia, morbid obesity, motility disorder, MRCP, nesidoblastosis, obstruction, pancreatectomy, pancreatitis, PE, perc drain, perf, peri-gastric technique, peritonitis, Petersens defect, posterior slip, pouch, PPI, Realize band, RI, RNYGB, Roux limb, SBO, sepsis, sphincterotomy, stone extraction, T-tube, transgastric ERCP, ulcer, Ursodiol, vagotomy, VBG, Wernicke encephalopathy

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