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Comparison of Clinical and Economic Outcomes Between Robotic, Laparoscopic and Open Rectal Cancer Su

COMPARISON OF CLINICAL AND ECONOMIC OUTCOMES BETWEEN ROBOTIC, LAPAROSCOPIC AND OPEN RECTAL CANCER SURGERY EARLY EXPERIENCE AT A TERTIARY ACADEMIC CENTER Karim M Ramji, MD onathan M Josse, MD, MSc, Michelle C Cleghorn, MSc, Haiyan Jiang, PhD, Andrea MacNeill, MD, MSc, Usmaan Hameed, MD, Catherine O’Brien, MD, PhD, David Urbach, MD, MSc, Fayez A Quereshy, […]

Is Laparoscopic Repair of Incarcerated Abdominal Hernias Safe?

IS LAPAROSCOPIC REPAIR OF INCARCERATED ABDOMINAL HERNIAS SAFE Ahmad Elnahas, MD Song Hon H Kim, MD, FRCSC, Allan Okrainec, MD, MHPE, FRCSC, FACS, Fayez Quereshy, MD, MBA, FRCSC, Timothy D Jackson, MD background–33 sec objective–57 sec data source–1:15 criteria–1:32 results–2:51 limitations–3:37 conclusion–4:21 Q&A session–4:50 Keyword(s): CPT, incarcerated abdominal hernias, inguinal hernia, lap repair, NSQIP, ventral […]

Economic Evaluation Of Hospital Costs Associated With Laparoscopic And Open Inguinal Herniorrhaphy

S015 – Fernando Spencer Netto, MD, PhD, FRCSC, Bruna Camilotti, MD, Kristen Pitzul, Todd Penner, MD, FRCSC, Timothy Jackson, MD, FRCSC, Fayez Quereshy, MD, FRCSC, Allan Okrainec, MD, FRCSC background–30 sec objective–1:34 method–2:15 results–2:55 limitations–4:50 conclusion–5:27 Q&A session–6:02 Keyword(s): academic institution, bilateral hernia repair, cost analsysis, cost-effectiveness, CPI inflation rate adjustment, economic evaluation, hospital costs, […]

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