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Is Laparoscopic Repair of Incarcerated Abdominal Hernias Safe?

IS LAPAROSCOPIC REPAIR OF INCARCERATED ABDOMINAL HERNIAS SAFE Ahmad Elnahas, MD Song Hon H Kim, MD, FRCSC, Allan Okrainec, MD, MHPE, FRCSC, FACS, Fayez Quereshy, MD, MBA, FRCSC, Timothy D Jackson, MD background–33 sec objective–57 sec data source–1:15 criteria–1:32 results–2:51 limitations–3:37 conclusion–4:21 Q&A session–4:50 Keyword(s): CPT, incarcerated abdominal hernias, inguinal hernia, lap repair, NSQIP, ventral […]

Economic Evaluation Of Hospital Costs Associated With Laparoscopic And Open Inguinal Herniorrhaphy

S015 – Fernando Spencer Netto, MD, PhD, FRCSC, Bruna Camilotti, MD, Kristen Pitzul, Todd Penner, MD, FRCSC, Timothy Jackson, MD, FRCSC, Fayez Quereshy, MD, FRCSC, Allan Okrainec, MD, FRCSC background–30 sec objective–1:34 method–2:15 results–2:55 limitations–4:50 conclusion–5:27 Q&A session–6:02 Keyword(s): academic institution, bilateral hernia repair, cost analsysis, cost-effectiveness, CPI inflation rate adjustment, economic evaluation, hospital costs, […]

Laparoscopic Removal Of Ingested Gastric Foreign Body

SAGES 2011 Bonus Video Keyword(s): Bilroth I, borderline personality disorder, dysphagia, endoscopic retrieval, gastrectomy, gastric cx, gastric foreign body, gastric resection, lap removal, laparoscopy, malignant lesions, QOL, surgical retrieval, thoracotomy, UE

S095: Timothy D Jackson, MD

Resident and Fellows Scientific Session Keyword(s): ACS, colectomy, general surgery, IHR, lap Nissen fundoplication, lap surgery, LC, LRYGB, NSQIP, operative time

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