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Recurrence Rate Of Paresophageal Hernias At One Year: Synthetic Vs. Biologic Mesh

S020 – Maria C Michael, MA, MD, Edward Borrazzo, MD PEH–20 sec background–33 sec lap PEH repair–49 sec synthetic mesh–1:08 biologic mesh–1:23 methods–1:42 conclusion–4:57 Q&A session–5:53 Keyword(s): AlloDerm, Bard Crurasoft, biologic mesh, early satiety, emergent cases, esophageal erosion, esophageal perf, esophagram, falsiform flap, heartburn, herniation, kyphosis, lap PEH repair, PEH, polypropylene, PTFE, radiographic recurrence, recurrence […]

Feasibility, Safety And Outcomes Of Totally Extra-Peritoneal (Tep) Laparoscopic Hernia Repair In Pat

S018 – Philip A Le Page, MBBS, hons, Doug Fenton-Lee, AssProf, Ania Smialkowski, Dr, John Morton, Dr rationale for study–17 sec inguinal hernia post prostatectomy–53 sec aims of study–1:17 methods–1:23 surgical technique–1:55 results–3:26 outcom Keyword(s): bladder scan, lap hernia repair, mesh, prostatectomy, recurrent inguinal hernia, scrotal hernia, Surgical Endoscopy, TEP, urinary catheter

Efficacy And Safety Of Mesh In Laparoscopic Surgery For Groin Hernia: Systematic Review And Meta-Ana

S019 – Xueli Jia, MBBS, PhD, Michelle HsinXuan Ting, MBBS, MSc, Kathleen Irvine, BSc, MCLIP, Angus JM Watson, BSc, MB, ChB, FRCSEd methods–38 sec search result–1:08 type of mesh–1:32 conclusion–3:39 Q&A session–4:26 Keyword(s): absorbable mesh, biological mesh, Cochrane Collaboration, Dynamesh, hernia recurrence, lap groin hernia repair, NHS Highland Research & Development Committee Endowment Fund, Prolene, […]

Quality Of Life After Tapp Repair Comparing Sports Hernia And Groin Hernia

S023 – Gerwin A Bernhardt, MD, Benjamin Molderings, Christian Giessauf, MD, Hans-Jörg Mischinger, MD background–20 sec SH definition–1:06 SH synonyms-2:07 aim–2:20 methods–2:33 results–2:44 conclusion–4:07 Q&A session–4:39 Keyword(s): athletic pubalgia, conjoint tendon, evidence-based medicine, Gilmores groin, groin hernia, Hesselbachs triangle, HRQOL, incipient hernia, inguinal hernia, internal ring, lap repair, MRI, SH, TAPP, tennis elbow, World […]

Facilitated Delayed Closure Of Open Abdomen In Septic Patients Combining Negative Pressure Assisted

S022 – René H Fortelny, MD, Alexander H Petter-Puchner, MD, Simone Gruber-Blum, MD, Andreas Gaderer, MD, Karl S Glaser, MD running suture closure technique–1:27 results–2:43 conclusion–5:00 Q&A session–5:49 Keyword(s): aponeurosis, approximation, button holes, delayed closure, dynamic fascial suture, frozen ABD, intercutaneous fistula, monofilament suture, Monomax, negative pressure assisted closure, NPWT, OA, onlay mesh reinforcement, PDS, […]

Economic Evaluation Of Hospital Costs Associated With Laparoscopic And Open Inguinal Herniorrhaphy

S015 – Fernando Spencer Netto, MD, PhD, FRCSC, Bruna Camilotti, MD, Kristen Pitzul, Todd Penner, MD, FRCSC, Timothy Jackson, MD, FRCSC, Fayez Quereshy, MD, FRCSC, Allan Okrainec, MD, FRCSC background–30 sec objective–1:34 method–2:15 results–2:55 limitations–4:50 conclusion–5:27 Q&A session–6:02 Keyword(s): academic institution, bilateral hernia repair, cost analsysis, cost-effectiveness, CPI inflation rate adjustment, economic evaluation, hospital costs, […]

Laparoscopic repair of a giant hernia of Morgagni in an adult

Ajay K Chopra, MD, Aida Taye, MD, Harvey Rainville, MD disclosures–7 sec Keyword(s): bowel herniation, chest xray, corkscrew anchors, CT, diaphragmatic hernia, GERD, hernia defect, hernia reduction, hernia sac, incarcerated colon, lap repair, mesh, Morgagni hernia, split leg position

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