SAGES Resident Webinar: Advanced Laparoscopic Foregut Surgery: Tips and Tricks


This webinar on foregut surgery has been developed specifically for residents and features four expert panelists: Michael Awad, MD (Chair); Brent Matthews, MD; Michael Ujiki, MD; Melina Vassiliou, MD

GERD, hiatal & PEH by Dr. Brent Matthews–5:37
HH classification–8:04
pre-op eval–11:11
Bravo pH monitoring system–15:46
esophageal impedance–17:05
trocar placement for antireflux surgery–25

Keyword(s): acellular dermis, achalasia, acid reflux studies, adenocarcinoma, advanced laparoscopic, AGA, AIM II trial, anesthesiologist, antiemetics, antireflux surgery, barium esophagram, barium swallow, Barrx, BE, biologic prosthesis, bipolar, blood-brain barrier, Botox, Bougie, Bravo pH monitoring system, breath test, cap technique, Collis gastroplasty, Compazine, crural repair, delayed gastric emptying, diabetes, diet modification, Dor fundoplication, dysphagia, early satiety, EGD, EMR, en bloc, endoscope, endoscopic myotomy, endoscopic resection, erythromycin, ESD, esophageal impedance, esophageal lengthening procedure, esophageal motility, esophagitis, esophagomyotomy, Esophyx, EUS, excisional bx, FDA, flex endo, foregut disease, foregut surgery, gastrectomy, gastric neurostimulator, gastroparesis, GEJ, GERD, glycemic control, guidewire, HALO 360, Harmonic scalpel, heartburn, HGD, HH, HUD, hyperglycemia, incisionless surgery, jejunostomy feeding tube, learning curve, LES, LGD, LHM, manometry, mechanical obstruction, medical management, Medtronic Enterra, Motilium, narcotics, NBI, neurovascular injury, Nissen fundoplication, NSAIDs, nuclear scintigraphy, PEH, peristalsis, pH catheter study, pneumatic dilation, POEM, post vagotomy syndrome, PPI, prokinetic meds, pseudoachalasia, PUD, pyloroplasty, radiopaque markers, rapid sequence anesthesia, Reglan, respiratory inversion point, RFA, SAGES guidelines, SCC, sedation, short esophagus, sigmoid esophagus, sizing balloon, smart pill, snare, stricture, surveillance endoscopy, tardive dyskinesia, therapeutic endoscopy, thoracoscopic approach, tips & tricks, Toupet fundoplication, tricyclic antidepressants, UGI, upper endoscopy, vagus nerve, wedge gastroplasty, Zenkers, Zofran

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