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Preparing for ABSITE December 2017

Preparing for the ABSITE December 2017

Preparing for ABSITE Chair: Michael M. Awad, MD Faculty: Jeffrey Blatnik, MD; Amber Traugott, MD; and Adnan Alseidi, MD Agenda: Welcome and Overview | Michael M. Awad, MD, PhD Esophagus, Stomach, Obesity | Michael M. Awad, MD, PhD General Abdomen, Hernia, Spleen | Jeffrey Blatnik, MD Colorectal & Anal Disease | Amber Traugott, MD Small […]

Robotically assisted ventral hernia repair: Never!

Presented by Michael Magdi Awad at the Debate: Robotically Assisted Hernia Repair at the SAGES 2016 Annual Meeting on 3/17/2016 Keyword(s): algorithm, complications, components separation, cost, docking, ergonomics, eventration, fascial closure, flank, general surgeon, hernia defect, IHR, inguinal hernia repair, Intuitive, IPOM, laparoscopic ventral hernia repair, laparoscopy, linea alba, LVHR, mesh, minimally invasive surgeon, minimally […]

SAGES Webinar: Preparing for the ABSITE (December 2016)

Webinar Chair: Michael Awad, MD, PhD Program Outline: Welcome and Overview | Michael Awad, MD, PhD Esophagus, Stomach, Obesity | Michael Awad, MD, PhD General Abdomen, Hernia, Spleen | Jeffrey Blatnik, MD Colorectal & Anal Disease | Amber Traugott, MD Small Intestine, Biliary Disease, Flexible Endoscopy | Adnan Alseidi, MD

SAGES Webinar: Preparing for ABSITE (December 2015)

Chair: Michael Awad, MD, PhD Faculty: Jeffrey Blatnik, MD; Alan Harzman, MD; and William Hawkins, MD format–3:25 notes–4:49 Esophagus, stomach & obesity by Dr. Michael Awad–5:58 General ABD, hernia & spleen by Dr. Jeffrey Blatnik–30:18 CR & anal disease by Dr. Alan Harzman–1:00:43 Small intestine, biliary disease & flex endo by Dr. William Hawkins–1:31:31 Keyword(s): […]

SAGES Magical Mystery Tour

SAGES 2014-2015 President, L. Michael Brunt, MD gives the Presidential Address at the SAGES 2015 Annual Meeting in Nashville, TN Points of interest: Dr. Brunt begins his lecture–4:40 Acknowledgements–8:15 1989 SAGES board–9:35 Train the Trainer courses–11:16 sentinel evenT in the life of SAGES–14:11 another sentinel Keyword(s): 10,000 hour rule, 6 step program, aberrant anatomy, abstract, […]

Incidence, Mechanisms, And Outcomes Of Esophageal And Gastric Perforation During Laparoscopic Foregu

S067 – Linda P Zhang, MD, Ronald Chang, BA, Brent D Matthews, MD, Michael Awad, MD, Bryan Meyers, MD, J. Chris Eagon, MD, L. Michael Brunt, MD background–16 sec aim–43 sec method–1:02 results–1:58 conclusion–4:33 Q&A session–5:24 Keyword(s): abdominal reoperation, EGD, endoscopy, esophageal perf, esophagus, full thickness, gastric perf, HVC, IR intervention, lap foregut surgery, lap […]

SAGES Resident Webinar: Advanced Laparoscopic Foregut Surgery: Tips and Tricks

This webinar on foregut surgery has been developed specifically for residents and features four expert panelists: Michael Awad, MD (Chair); Brent Matthews, MD; Michael Ujiki, MD; Melina Vassiliou, MD GERD, hiatal & PEH by Dr. Brent Matthews–5:37 HH classification–8:04 pre-op eval–11:11 Bravo pH monitoring system–15:46 esophageal impedance–17:05 trocar placement for antireflux surgery–25 Keyword(s): acellular dermis, […]

Emerging Technology Session: ET009 A NOVEL SNAKE ROBOT FOR NOTES

Michael M Awad, MD PhD, disclosures–36 sec next era of MIS–37 sec snake robot–1:50 pancreatectomy–5:05 Q&A session–8:03 Keyword(s): bx forcep, MIS, needle knife cautery, NOTES, overtube, pancreatectomy, snake robot

ET22: Michael M Awad, MD PhD

Emerging Technology Session dual console robotic surgery–8 sec hypothesis–37 sec design–48 sec results–3:20 conclusion–6:55 Keyword(s): bowel anastomosis, dual console robotic surgery, FLS, laparoscopy, mesh, NASA task load, pattern cutting, PEHR

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