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Preparing for ABSITE December 2017

Preparing for the ABSITE December 2017

Preparing for ABSITE Chair: Michael M. Awad, MD Faculty: Jeffrey Blatnik, MD; Amber Traugott, MD; and Adnan Alseidi, MD Agenda: Welcome and Overview | Michael M. Awad, MD, PhD Esophagus, Stomach, Obesity | Michael M. Awad, MD, PhD General Abdomen, Hernia, Spleen | Jeffrey Blatnik, MD Colorectal & Anal Disease | Amber Traugott, MD Small […]

SAGES Webinar: Preparing for ABSITE (December 2015)

Chair: Michael Awad, MD, PhD Faculty: Jeffrey Blatnik, MD; Alan Harzman, MD; and William Hawkins, MD format–3:25 notes–4:49 Esophagus, stomach & obesity by Dr. Michael Awad–5:58 General ABD, hernia & spleen by Dr. Jeffrey Blatnik–30:18 CR & anal disease by Dr. Alan Harzman–1:00:43 Small intestine, biliary disease & flex endo by Dr. William Hawkins–1:31:31 Keyword(s): […]

V066 Laparoscopic Repair of Incarcerated Diaphragmatic Hernia.

V066 LAPAROSCOPIC REPAIR OF INCARCERATED DIAPHRAGMATIC HERNIA. Jeffrey A Blatnik, MD Jeffrey M Marks, MD; University Hospitals Case Medical Center HPI–8 sec CT–19 sec procedural video–42 sec post-op CXR–4:56 post-op course–5:50 Keyword(s): incarcerated diaphragmatic hernia, lap repair

Reaching the Unreachable: A Novel Over the Scope Deployment Method for Enteral Stents

Presented by Eric M Pauli, MD, SS25 – Video – NOTES/Flexible Endoscopy: V071 background–32 sec hypothesis–1:35 clinical application–1:50 barium enema–2:20 demonstration video–2:29 clinical course–7:55 Q&A session–8:26 Keyword(s): barium enema, endoclips, enteral stents, OTS, perf, SEMS, SEPS, stent deployment, stent migration, TTS