Disease-Based Mortality After Percutaneous Endoscopic Gastrostomy: Utility Of The Enterprise Data W


S105 – Benjamin K Poulose, MD, MPH, Joan Kaiser, RN, MS, William C Beck, MD, Pearlie Jackson, PhD, William H Nealon, MD, Kenneth W Sharp, MD, Michael D Holzman, MD, MPH

PEG overview–22 sec
aim of study–47 sec
disease specific dataset–2:39
Q&A session–5:52

Keyword(s): adminstrative data, aspiration pneumonia, billing subsystem, clinical data, clinicians, CNS tumors, CP, data source, disease specific dataset, disease-based mortality, EDW, EMR, finance team, gastroenterologists, gastroparesis, GI bleeding, H&N cx, informatics, lap-assisted gastrostomy, malignancy, NMD, NOTES, observational cohort study, outcomes data, PEG, peritubular leak, QOL data, reoperation, soft tissue infections, SSI, stroke, surgical team, therapeutic endoscopy, trauma, VPOD

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